The Fundamentals: Doing Business in the US

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Doing Business in the US is a fascinating subject and something I have done with a lot of businesses over the years.

But why the US?

One Big Reason

Someone once asked infamous bank robber Willie Sutton why he robbed banks.  His reported reply was “Because that is where the money is.”

Now we are not suggesting you rob the US or do anything illegal for that matter.

What we do suggest is that the US is a huge market with lots of market opportunity – it’s literally where the money is. If you feel like you are maxing out your local market and there is not enough money it might just be that the US is where the money is for you.

Second Big Reason

The US market is huge! Unlike Europe where the market is fragmented with lots of languages, cultures and sometimes regulations the US is more of a single market. Yes, the EU has simplified this for a lot of Europe and, yes, the US has a lot of different submarkets, languages, etc.

But according to recent statistics for dollars spent the US is still the largest national market in the world – by far.

So if taking your existing business and spending your money learning one market where you could make a huge expansion over time sounds good to you – this could be your place.

It’s worth looking into.

Have you looked into the US market?  What’s keeping you from expanding?

Let us know!

The Our Shawn

P.S. My Doing Business in the US Course contains a comprehensive overview of the US market and all of the major things you need to know to start your US expansion plans.

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