One of the biggest mistakes and outsider to US commerce can make is assume that the US is one market and that what works in one part of the country will work in every part of the country.

The US has a long history and everyone here came from somewhere else (the native Americans were here for a long time before the big repopulation). And people in different regions have brought values, ideas and norms that still partially reflect where they come from.  (The book American Nations covers some of this, and Cousin’s Wars covers it at much more depth.)

To think of the US as being the same market would be a huge mistake.

Many businesses – even large businesses – are successful in one portion of the US and not in others. It’s a very complex landscape that must be carefully accounted for.

This is why you’ll see demographic studies and watch companies that carefully plan often expand in odd patterns (sometimes you’ll find customers more similar to your buyers in another region rather than the next town over.

Building Your Plan

So when you are planning the idea is simple. Investigate where you are going and make sure it is the right market for what you offer.

Sometimes you’ll adjust your offering to the US Market.  Sometimes you’ll just want to keep making what you are making or doing what you are doing and take it to the right US market.

Either way can work. But you have to do your homework to increase your chances of success. Just because you college buddy relocated to Des Moines, Iowa doesn’t mean it is the right US market.

If you are really looking for the right market our Doing Business in the US Course may help.

The Our Shawn

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