In a classic episode of The Simpsons (a popular US TV Cartoon geared to both children and adults) Homer Simpson (the lead character) gets shorted on all-you-can-eat deal and isn’t allowed to keep eating all he wants so he sues the restaurant.

In a settlement offer the restaurant agrees to feed him piles of food for others to see – to be their attraction.

The idea was that other customers would come for the freak (to see Homer eat) and stay for their food. Hence the slogan “come for the freak, stay for the food.”

And So Goes Business

You are likely wondering why I would lead a business blog with a story of the Simpsons.

Well, we recently discussed tax incentives, particularly those offered by Vermont, in an article.

You may come for the freak (tax incentives) but you have to stay for the food (locate your business there).

The point is you have to make sure the meal (where you will be working) is worth in and that you aren’t just buying because of the advertising. It really needs to make business sense.

All of the time we see folks lured by incentives and not the broader deal.

How To Stay Logical

The best way to stay logical is to make the tax incentives part of your calculation and comparison of possible location – but not the only driver. Make sure your projections stay logical.

Need help with this?  We do that.

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