Just Google “Do Americans Really Work More Than The Rest of the World?” and you’ll see a lot of articles confirming what the world suspects — Americans work more hours than anyone else. (here, here and here, for instance)

But I think these often cited articles can be misleading.

I mean I’ve been in American business for a long time — and I work a lot of hours — and I have a lot of fun and I see others around me having a lot of fun.

What Gives?

So if Americans work ALL these hours, how are they having ALL this fun?

I think the Americans just use their time differently.

Those of you that know me know teaching Time Magicment(™) is one of the core things I do for my clients under the Do Business Effectively Pyramid.

Get Ready For A Big Insight That Will Help You Do Business in the US

So while the Americans work a lot of hours they also spend a lot of money freeing up their free time – buying conveniences and services.

If you think about it your time for enjoyment is what’s left after you work and do your chores at home.  And many Americans spend a good deal to get chores done for them — which increases their free time.

So just looking at hours worked can be misleading.

Connecting More Dots

So to connect the dots more your American-based employees will be happy if you lead in such a way as to maximize their net free time. Sometimes “work” can be fun. Like taking a client to a baseball game. For statistical purposes you might be working but in reality you are having fun.

This also creates a huge market to market to.  How can you help Americans have more free time?

If you find that answer you can sell more.

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