One of the great things about doing business in the US is that the US is a business oriented country. This means a focus on business in life, culture and government.

And because the country is so focused on growing its economic prosperity (and the businesses that make it happen) there are lots of resources for businesses.

Workshops. Trainings. Classes. Programs. ½ day. Full day. Weekend. Week long. Just to name a few.

You name it, you can find it in the US.

And some of it is easy to afford. Some of it’s free. It can even be free for those outside of the US.

That’s right.  We’ve talked before about how open the US is. Because of this the US tries to make a level playing field for all including foreign businesses coming into the market.

For instance the US has a Small Business Development Center (also called the SBDC) where the government funds course, mentoring and other programs to get businesses growing.

SBDC programs are available to most businesses doing business in the US regardless of ownership.  In fact my good friend Kedma Ough works for the SBDC. You’ll likely love her Small Business Superhero videos on LinkedIn – you should check it out.

Which resources are right for you?

We can discuss and find out as you begin your US journey.

And if you are just beginning your journey and need help check out our Doing Business in the US Course.

The Our Shawn

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