Are you looking for a safe place to trade as Brexit is happening?  (For those not in the know the UK is leaving the EU and soon they will have their own international trade laws.)

Many of the international folks we talk to are concerned about how their trade with the UK will be disrupted (or if they are in the UK they are concerned with how UK-EU trade will look post Brexit).

What about the US?  Isn’t the US unstable?

It’s Not What You Think

The US has many great traditions including a free press. US citizens, our media and even our businesses (to a lesser extent) have the right to speak freely.

And these free speech and free press rights are regularly upheld by the courts.

What does this have to do with US international trade and Brexit?

Well the US media has ads to sell – whether it’s from clicks to a website or traditional paper sales of newspaper or magazines.

So they have a vested interest in eye catching headlines and information. Quite simply they need readers. And people read stories and controversy.

An international trade issue that might impact jobs?  Well that’ll bring in readers.


There is always a “but”

But as much as the media makes a big deal out of things and stirs up a lot of smoke in most cases the US moves slowly on big moves that affect business.

Usually both the US Congress and the US President must be involved to change US policy on international trade. And the two are generally busy with, among other things – you guessed it – the media.

So while a lot of stuff makes headlines not a lot is actually happening most of the time.

What it means to you

So if you are sitting in the UK, Ireland, Germany or anywhere else in the EU or European Union the US is likely a much more predictable trading partner than most.

Add to it that the US economy is huge and has a lot going on and you’ve got a great place to do business.

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