What is the future of sales automation? What can you do to be more efficient? How can you really sell more? Join us for this edition of The Financial Transactions of the Future Economy(TM) Show and Podcast with The Our Shawn McBride ⭐️ 🌟💥 (aka R. Shawn McBride)nd Dali Kranzthor, CPA, CVA, CFE.

Today’s show focused on the future of sales the automation techniques that things you can do to make sales more efficient, how you use automation appropriately any issues, you should be looking out for in the future of sales.

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Hey everyone is Dr. Sean, welcome to another edition of the financial transactions of the future economy.



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Today we’re going to be talking about the future of sales and what’s going to develop in the sales world so sales is one of those areas that’s highly



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Open to change with the evolving technology. So what we’ll be looking at is what may happen with sales what may happen with the sales process and how sales may evolve.



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With the evolution of technology for those of you tuning in. Now, maybe not tuning as regularly on the are Sean I’m a corporate lawyer by training I help you with mergers, acquisitions.



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Corporate Governance ownership and control issues of business. I also do. So, speaking on sales and occasionally, I’ll get brought in to sell the sales to teach selling



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To organizations where people sell. So it’s a topic near and dear to my heart. Also a CPA, my co host dolly craft store is a fellow CPA.



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also acts as a CF oh of companies and he’s a Certified Valuation analysts and a Certified Fraud examiner. We’re both financial guys we’ve taken upon ourselves to look at the future of sales future of



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Business and what’s going to evolve with time. So if you bear with us work through the show, you’ll get a better understanding of what you should be looking out for for the sales your organization.



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After the evolution of your career. If you have to be a salesperson, or what your staff and personnel might look like if you’re that business owner or business leader.



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remind you, we have our comment contest going on. We read all the comments, whether they’re Dr. Sean on LinkedIn, Dolly craft store on LinkedIn, wherever you might leave those comments financial transactions, a future economy.



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YouTube channel we read those comments so drop them below will be checking them out comment contest best comment of the week gets invited on the show.



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I remind everybody, we do not do investment advice, we do not do legal advice on the show, please consult your own individual advisor for those issues. Everything we do here is merely for your education, please do your confirmation and talk to your own advisors Dolly. Welcome to the show.



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SEAN. GREAT TO BE HERE. How are you today, sir, I’m



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Doing very well here, you know, sales is such a such a such an important and interesting topic. And so critically



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Central to most organizations, right. A lot of companies. That’s what sort of make or break. I mean, do they have revenue coming in the door.



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And are they bringing in the right customers and sales is also was areas we’re starting to see a lot of automation. I mean I it’s every day. I mean, you’re encountering chat bots.



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You have the computerized phone trees when you call anywhere anymore. The online services now really an area where there’s a lot of automation and there’s probably more coming right



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Sean that’s without a doubt. We’re going to see every single piece of friction and every single organization out there slowly eliminate manual processes.



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Eliminate anything that is causing delays and instant gratification. We have a society now that really highly values.



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fast reaction times typically when somebody searching for a service or product. The first one that responds is has the best chance of getting it. I mean, somebody else has to come in, way lower



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It builds confidence. Um so organizations as part of this sales process need to build confidence with their customers and for them.



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Like more than ever even everybody in the organization has to know the customer.



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Because people value that and now because so many other things are automated the customer is expecting you to ask them high value questions and be a trusted advisor to help them in their business and



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Kind of gear previously where you’re giving the spiel and getting them excited about something. Now it’s more about solving a problem, specifically that they have



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But then even thinking outside the box and leading them down a path. So because you know their business so well you know what they need. Next, and you also know that your organization theoretically can innovate in real time using the same automated techniques.



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And start offering offering services that maybe you don’t even offer yet.



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Yeah, so it’s a very relationship oriented and you have to be very careful, though, about these automated pass because



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I’m hearing a lot of people very frustrated with the automated pass. You know, you see it a lot on



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You know, LinkedIn, for instance, or maybe in your email box, you get these highly automated messages you read through them. They don’t even make sense of in light of what’s going on in your business or what you need.



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And their immediate deletes or they may offend somebody so much that you don’t even want to talk to him, you know, and I got into a conversation with with a young salesperson recently.



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And they were asking, well you know I need to close sales, you know, why can I do these cold emails. I said, build a relationship.



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I said, find out about the person that they might buy your product. Now you can make an offer. And you can see if there’s a deal there.



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If you go down that path and your and your intel tells you that they’re not a buyer of your service.



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Now you take them down the referral branch. But if you approach them to soon as cold offering these automated solutions you just completely kicked yourself out a system, you’ve lost that relationship. Now, you’re not going to get the referral or the sale.



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Yeah, Sean, you’re absolutely right. Um, we are seeing a time where



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People are staying with the people they trust because there’s so much noise out there, you’re getting so many emails, you’re getting so much information and we really don’t trust the quick



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They get quick rich ideas. We don’t trust that you’re going to have that this is the best Blowout Sale we’re ever going to have, we expect that sale to happen again.



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If you even look at like black. Black Friday sales and then you go and compare those prices to now I just got a cyber Thursday sale you know so companies.



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Have created a very creative way of saying sales. And so this idea of a sale is just that, hey, we’re constantly selling



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So we’re always trying to match supply and demand. We’re always trying to maximize our revenue with the resources that we have available and



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You know, most CEOs. One of their most important numbers is ROI. So that is your return on investment. The way you maximize that is



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By doing as much as you can. The more volume, the better. Typically, and especially in an automated world because you can actually pull down your margins do more sales and still make more money.



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Yeah, and so very important point here, you know, is when you see those automated sales are usually to existing customers. Right. So there’s a very fine art. Right. I mean, the



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hard part is getting somebody converted to a customer. Once you’re a customer. Then you have the permission to make more offers you know. So Amazon. Once you bought from Amazon.



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Now though email you periodically to offer you generally similar products right they know what you’re buying habits are they, they align that



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That’s one type of thing. I’m not saying that cold emailing or cold calling is dead.



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But what I think a lot of people don’t take into account when they build these automation strategies and they start running their companies is they don’t take into account that



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It’s a long road and make that first offer right you either need to have the people know you like know like and trust. As the old saying right they got to know like and trust you.



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Then you can make an offer, or they have to be referred to you by somebody they trust. Right. A lot of my business comes in that way as an attorney.



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You know, people say, oh, Sean did a great job for us call him. Well, I’m in a completely different spot than if I call somebody up on the phone.



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Not that I’m allowed to buy my attorney rules, but if I was going to cost me a phone and be like, hey, you need an attorney.



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You know, I’m a long way from a sale there when somebody calls up and they say hey you know your client and Joe said that you’d be great for this and I need your help. And that’s the problem I have completely different conversation.



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Mm hmm. No, I totally agree with that, Sean, as we see more automation and all of these processes.



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The problem then becomes we expect more we expect if we are reducing the friction of the paperwork their expense reports.



00:08:03.180 –> 00:08:09.780

All these other things and we expect higher performance because your time can be very specific. Now the good news is,



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Most companies are embracing this. So they’re training. These employees and the sales people to use these tools. These tools.



00:08:16.680 –> 00:08:20.370

Effect bandwidth. And then the other great thing with sales and automation.



00:08:20.640 –> 00:08:33.480

Is that the CEOs and the smartest people in the organization are usually directly involved in overseeing those operations or the head manager, because the pipeline is what projects, your future revenue which pays your future Muslim keeps you viable.



00:08:34.020 –> 00:08:48.690

Anything that’s happening right now. It’s already done so, then your, your focus at that point is make the customer super, super happy but before that was you’re creating this field. You’ve got to make it very enticing for the new customers to come and you know be excited by your product.



00:08:49.140 –> 00:09:00.750

Right, you know, and it’s it’s that relationship. And so, you know, the cold emails, the overly automated stuff there. Isn’t that excitement when when somebody contacts me out of the blue.



00:09:01.320 –> 00:09:08.370

Unless they somehow magically time it perfectly. I’m not excited about their offer right I’m not, you know,



00:09:08.790 –> 00:09:15.270

Let me update your webpage my webpage. I’m happy with it. Right now, you know, let me do this for you. Let me do this. Let me work in your estrogen.



00:09:15.750 –> 00:09:21.810

You know if my businesses in alignment and I’m working on. I don’t need you contacting me there is no excitement



00:09:22.320 –> 00:09:29.790

And I think that’s where a lot of cold sellers miss it. Right. It is. And these automated messages they just assume that everybody’s in the same spot.



00:09:30.390 –> 00:09:44.640

And that they’re ready to buy or they’re this far away from buying. It’s very hard. That’s why there’s a very human element still selling and there’s going to continue to be in most situations because you have to do this kind of deep assessment of where your buyers.



00:09:45.600 –> 00:09:53.490

Yeah, and it’s just like when you go to a restaurant, Sean, and you walk in and the first person you see as the host on. So, that is the most important person in your whole restaurant because



00:09:53.760 –> 00:09:59.520

That’s the first impression. So if you’re greeted well and happily you already go in feeling very warm



00:10:00.090 –> 00:10:04.680

So your signals guys have to create that kind of atmosphere now.



00:10:05.040 –> 00:10:15.030

Let’s it further, that’s more complicated than this, is that in times of peace, you must prepare for war in times of war, you must prepare for peace and why I say that is right now we’re in a booming economy.



00:10:15.450 –> 00:10:26.310

So if you’re a equipment salesperson financing is very easy right now you can basically close the financing deal with a large company that has a good track record in three days on there as a need for major growth.



00:10:26.610 –> 00:10:34.020

So, in times of this, you need to actually prepare and really hone your skills and say, man, I’m really killing it right now, what would I do



00:10:34.320 –> 00:10:40.560

If things went down a little bit. How can I make sure that I would still be the number one salesperson in this association.



00:10:40.770 –> 00:10:50.700

If that happens, and can I prepare myself to be a little bit ahead of potentially even management. So I would highly recommend the sales people thinking that way. We could be headed for a slowdown.



00:10:51.330 –> 00:11:03.720

Think of more creative ways to connect with your customers. If that happens, because that’s your opportunity to emotionally have an empathy with them and connect for the next 10 years so downturns create opportunities for the next run



00:11:03.990 –> 00:11:04.530

So why



00:11:04.740 –> 00:11:09.090

Going this run prepare for the next downturn start preparing for the next run



00:11:09.720 –> 00:11:17.580

Well, we would never been an era where long term positioning is more important. I don’t believe you know because right now. We’ve talked a lot on the show about



00:11:18.030 –> 00:11:27.420

You know, building your own skills, having your own path, knowing what’s important for your career development. We’ve never lived in a period where personal development was so important.



00:11:28.080 –> 00:11:36.600

And here it comes back again. Right. If you’re a salesperson. We need to be developing those relationships developing the systems and processes for the long term.



00:11:37.140 –> 00:11:48.210

And regardless of your management team and I’ll let something leak here, you know, Shannon. Jay, Greg and I are working on a book called top sales lessons, it’s about to be released when the, when the editing process of that.



00:11:49.230 –> 00:11:58.680

And that book. One of the things we talked about is if you’re going to be a salesperson. If you don’t like your supervisor management, you know, build your own



00:11:59.400 –> 00:12:09.360

path to success, right, if your supervisor not paying attention to you if they’re not helping you grow your career. We’re not saying go against them, don’t, don’t go under them. Don’t try to



00:12:09.870 –> 00:12:22.680

Counteract what they’re doing. But yes, and add to your regime right do additional learning get mentors outside of your company. This is the path of the future.



00:12:23.490 –> 00:12:28.710

Is, you know, taking control your career. And if you’re a salesperson. You want to be a salesperson the future.



00:12:29.220 –> 00:12:39.600

Need to be working on those relationship skills and understanding that deep awareness of what’s going on in the market, because that’s what the computers that I have a hard time doing. And that’s what people are gonna buy from



00:12:41.520 –> 00:12:53.280

Yes. JOHN. And I think, you know, watching this show you kind of can get a little bit ahead of what’s going to happen. The future economy. And if you can start solving your clients problems before they have them.



00:12:53.940 –> 00:13:02.100

You are a superstar. That’s the kind of person, like when you have an employee. If you’re a CEO of a company listening to this, you have an employee that comes and said, Hey, I have a better way of doing this.



00:13:02.730 –> 00:13:13.440

We’re in an era where that is massively embraced. We love that that’s less friction less noise you’re solving it without me having to babysit. Unfortunately, in our current modern day



00:13:13.830 –> 00:13:20.700

Half of a CEOs job or business owners job is personnel management and the other way of saying that is babysitter.



00:13:21.360 –> 00:13:28.260

They expect a lot. There’s a lot of entitlements and if there is not a specific role to do or a job to do, they may just sit on their films.



00:13:28.470 –> 00:13:33.090

They have so many distractions out there from Facebook and social media and online shopping



00:13:33.330 –> 00:13:38.910

That if you’re not very clear indecisive in your instructions to these people that they’re just wasting your time and your money.



00:13:39.180 –> 00:13:47.760

So to be a leader you need to link all of these different parts of your business together. So no longer is sales its own segment. They need to be working with administration.



00:13:47.970 –> 00:13:56.220

If there’s friction in the sales process. You need your administrators to take that friction. I mean, so a sales guy should not have to be filling out contracts, they should not have to be filling out forms.



00:13:56.640 –> 00:14:05.040

pass that on. Go get the next sale keep reinforcing these relationships, just like as the CEO of a company, your main job is sale.



00:14:05.520 –> 00:14:17.160

You’re building your the company, whereas a CFO is job like mine is administration. So I’m supposed to be sitting behind the CEO and make sure that there’s no friction that everything is if we need financials for



00:14:17.580 –> 00:14:29.790

raise capital we have and if we need processes and procedures for stuff we have and if we need termination forms we have them. But again, the CEO needs to align directly with Salesforce and it needs to talk to them on a regular basis.



00:14:30.090 –> 00:14:35.670

Right. And this is where this is where automation sales makes sense. And people don’t talk about this.



00:14:36.210 –> 00:14:43.170

Automation sales should be taken care of those back office functions. Right. I mean, I read a recent study that came out, maybe six months ago.



00:14:43.590 –> 00:14:53.700

Said that sales, the average sales person spends about 30% of their time selling right and they spend about 70% of their time traveling between meetings filling out forms updating the CRM.



00:14:54.270 –> 00:15:07.830

Top salespeople spend like 35% of their time selling right so that that marginally increase of freeing up, you know, a 5% of your work time to sell more takes you from being an average salesperson being a top salesperson.



00:15:09.540 –> 00:15:16.740

I think a lot of companies are getting it wrong. So putting the automation on the front end trying to automate the process of the customer interacted with the salesperson.



00:15:17.250 –> 00:15:27.750

When the automation should be going is on the back end and taking care of some of those CRM entry points, take care of you align the sales persons meetings. They don’t have to spend as long in the car.



00:15:28.110 –> 00:15:35.220

There’s automation in computer technology can be used on the back end the sales to get more of this face to face or relationship time



00:15:36.600 –> 00:15:41.730

Now, absolutely not. And, you know, on top of that audit. If you are a CEO listening to this audit your sales team.



00:15:42.120 –> 00:15:56.040

You know, call have somebody call the company and just go through the process and see how ingrained that that is super important because you’re going to get real time feedback and so many CEOs. I asked him the same question, are you testing and auditing, you will get your books on it.



00:15:56.400 –> 00:15:57.840

You get all these other things on it.



00:15:58.170 –> 00:16:05.460

Are you auditing the performance of the most important function in the company, which is your future cash flow. It is your pipeline. It is your growth.



00:16:05.730 –> 00:16:16.380

It is everything. If you’re selling your company. It is everything. Nobody cares about the past they care about the future, how you’re going to grow this, what are the growth rates. What’s the churn rate, how many customers are you losing



00:16:16.830 –> 00:16:20.160

So again, if your, if your company is not focused on



00:16:20.520 –> 00:16:26.610

Your how many you lose verse gain, you’re going to have a big surprise when you go to sell your company because people are going to say, you know what



00:16:26.790 –> 00:16:41.910

Industry Standard says 2 million would be what I paid for this. But you have a double than normal churn rate, meaning you’re losing more customers than most people. So I’m going to pay 1 million for this. So if you get these things under control now it just will benefit growth for them.



00:16:42.120 –> 00:16:49.560

Well there’s your valuation advice from your CVA you know and how to get more for your company and it and here’s another thing get somebody



00:16:49.920 –> 00:17:04.050

That you trust, it’s outside of your company to do the audit right you don’t want somebody this connected with the process. You want to get fresh point of view and this reminds me of, you know, the show. Undercover Boss, there was an episode where the CEO of



00:17:05.520 –> 00:17:12.360

I think it was Twin Peaks brought in the CEO of and CEO of, you know, said some



00:17:13.020 –> 00:17:16.110

said some things to one of the waitresses and they were waiting to see



00:17:16.500 –> 00:17:27.570

how she reacted. This one was a real superstar like she handled the guy. Well, she tried this, calm down. He kept saying stuff he bounced her right and of course you know she didn’t know who she was talking to. It was the CEO of



00:17:28.080 –> 00:17:36.210

And, you know, but there were there were friends. But that was an outside point of view, from somebody they trust it. Right. Obviously, the two companies had a relationship with each other.



00:17:37.170 –> 00:17:45.720

And they knew each other but get somebody outside your organization to call it to the organization don’t have one of your employees do it because they’re going to have a biased point of view.



00:17:46.110 –> 00:17:56.580

They’re not going to be objective get somebody outside your company that you trust you know has good business as have them poses a customer run it through the process and see what happens.



00:17:58.140 –> 00:18:06.720

Sean I couldn’t agree more. I mean, that is amazing advice and, you know, again, if you are a company if you’re starting trying to figure out where to start, like you’re starting your company.



00:18:07.500 –> 00:18:15.720

Don’t start with filling out a bunch of paperwork and figuring that stuff out. Go get your first customer first don’t even I even don’t even recommend. Go get your LLC, set up your escort.



00:18:15.990 –> 00:18:20.010

You set that up with your first check and whatever they send you. They say, hey, you’re



00:18:20.550 –> 00:18:27.660

What do you want me to write the check to, well, that’s when you figure out what the name of your company is and what you’re going to file because then as soon as you put that you take that



00:18:27.930 –> 00:18:36.210

You fill out your paperwork. You go up in your bank account with your money and it makes the mentality of the business correct mentality which is to make money.



00:18:36.720 –> 00:18:45.210

A lot of these people I see the first month of their operations. They’re so worried about setting up social media and all their banking and they’re like, all right, I’m ready to go.



00:18:45.570 –> 00:18:53.820

And you’re like, Okay, cool. Well, how many customers. Yeah. And there have zero, you know. So this is, go get that first customer. First, I mean, you can get your customer.



00:18:54.540 –> 00:19:01.170

Before you even leave a job. And again, something I always recommend never leave a like somewhere that’s when you’re making your money.



00:19:01.530 –> 00:19:09.360

Before you have started building out that next thing or you have a next plan, you can be very patient and these things. You work at night, they work on the weekends.



00:19:09.660 –> 00:19:14.010

Well, get yourself in a panic mode if at all possible. Now if you are in a panic mode.



00:19:14.490 –> 00:19:27.870

Pick up the phone, start calling your customers start, you know, reaching out to everybody, you know, and say this is what I want to do. And is there a viable market and find that market before you go and start spend, you know what may be a month of wasted time if you can’t find those customers.



00:19:28.710 –> 00:19:37.470

Or more, you know, I know a lot of business out there have been there with us for long periods of time, you know, and so you really want to get this right, folks. And just think about it.



00:19:38.010 –> 00:19:49.350

And think about how you are going to connect the dots and in the right use Automation. Automation is Great you guys right in the sales process. And that’s going to be the future. It’s the companies that are surviving are going to be the ones that use the automation, the right way.



00:19:49.860 –> 00:19:50.430

And folks.



00:19:50.550 –> 00:19:58.590

Our goal is to wake people up, you know. So we asked you, like, comment, share if you’re thinking about sales, we want to get involved in future sales like comment share let your friends know



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More people view these videos and more people thinking about the future, the better the future is going to be



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I remind folks that we’re looking for interns Dolly. And I want a handful of motivated individuals that want to be part of the future that will learn grow be part of this.



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Dolly craft store. You’ll find him on LinkedIn, you’ll find him on Twitter and crypto Twitter I remind you know investment advice, no legal advice on the show.



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We are just here to give the education, go talk to your own advisors before you make any decisions, but hopefully we’re open your mind and new ideas, Dolly quote force.



00:20:50.250 –> 00:20:56.490

I do, Shawn. Now a couple, actually. The first one is a leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way



00:20:57.030 –> 00:20:59.580

That’s john C Maxwell. The second one is



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Leadership is not about the next election. It’s about the next generation. And that’s Simon cynics so we got to have this long term thinking people



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And this is the time not to put the brakes on and sit back and enjoy big paychecks. This is the time to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life grow the future with us and be part of this revolution.



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Wonderful folks, congrats on doing the hard work, stay current to build this. We really appreciate it. We’re glad you’re with us.



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pat yourself on the back for doing things to be a leader tomorrow, keep doing the hard work, you’re going to get there.



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I want to remind you there’s more videos at future done right calm, go check that out. You can see our past videos. You can also see our upcoming guests and upcoming events RSVP there and join us live



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Don’t forget you can join our mailing list you’ll get advance notice of things and you’ll be part of something. So, folks, THANKS FOR JOINING US dollar was a great, great show, as usual.



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Hey. Thanks, Sean Walker bit get Broke Guys 7am 10am 2PM Eastern every day. See you soon.



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All right.


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