Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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The Future of Technology in Marketing

How will technology impact marketing?

What could technology mean to how we market?

Join The Our Shawn for the Future Done Right(TM) Show as we explore what we are seeing and what we need for the future.

Anh Nguyen – B2B Marketing Strategist joins us to discuss.

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Hey everyone it’s The Our Shawn, welcome to another edition of Future Done Right™ Show I’ve got and Anh Nguyen joining us.

We are going to be talking about future of marketing.In business, she is a B2B marketing expert free to join us today as we look at the future of business and what’s happening.We got a lot of changes in our marketing. We’re just talking off camera about AI facial recognition that will be a solid small part of today’s discussion, I’m sure.And there’s a lot of other pieces. So it’s an exciting jump into it.

As always our goal with the future done right show is to bring you business leaders business owners tips, ideas.things you need to know about the future of business where we are, where we’re headed.That’s my dedication is to help you with the future of business Rosie Dalton is often I’m Dr. Sean I’m a corporate lawyer by training. I help people with ownership and control their business that’s partnership agreements mergers capital raise contract negotiations, which is what all led me to do the business strategy.

Oh my goodness.contract negotiations, more power to you, my friend.You don’t enjoy that. So,So, yeah. So, folks, you know, is going to join us today she’s going to get us some great ideas. I want to remind you we don’t do investment advice we don’t give legal advice on a show for those items, consult your own advisors.But our goal is to bring you ideas. We do want your comments. We know some of you may be watching live. Some of you may be watching after the fact. Whenever when you pick up one of our LinkedIn feed. So they pick it up a Facebook.

Whether you’re picking up on YouTube on future down right now, wherever you’re at. Drop your comments. We want to hear from you will write back to you and it may inspire us to do some additional content in the future soSweet and thanks for joining us. Thanks for coming on the show today.Oh, thank you for inviting me and having me on. I love talking about marketing and tech.

It’s just amazing. And so I’ve got like the two monitors going. So have you seen here. I’m checking out to see if there’s any comments coming in that we might be able to answer whyVery official very official soYou know, technology is changing fast and it’s already changed the nature of marketing, right, I mean change who we target how targeted marketing is mediums we market through and I think we’re just kind of tip of the iceberg. Right.

We’ve got more technology coming and probably more disruption.Oh, absolutely. And that’s one of the reasons I love technology and marketing and the digital marketing world so much is becauseIt is constantly evolving and it’s funny to me when I read articles that sayOh, it’s going to be changing and like it’s changed to change so much already within just the last decade, and it will continue to change and within I think two to three years. We may not even recognize what we did.

Now know it’s going to be a whole different world.Right. And I think that that’s that’s all that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because, you know,A lot of this stuff. Starting to compound, you know, as I mentioned that you and I were both look at different articles. It’s morning keeping up to date and changes in the world andYou know, I happen to be looking at an article on facial recognition. They’re saying that a lot of this technology is just because they’ve had breakthroughs in the last year or two.With the quality of what they can do and I imagine we’re going to start seeing that more this is compounding. Now this technology that out there for a while we’ve been working on improving it.

Now it’s really starting to take off.Oh, absolutely. I think the, I guess ancestors of the technology that we use now has been around for longer than we think. I mean, just think about all theThe military government research. Right. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist or anything like that. But some of these networks were things that they were already starting to work on things that we think of today as our social networks.So it was already thought of in the past is just evolved into something else to be used by the consumer and for marketing purposes, and especially with facial recognition as you mentioned, think about yourMobile devices. Think about the iPhone security features.

Nowadays, the new iPhone. So, what is it, it’s your, is your ID and so that facial recognition technology now lives in the palm of your hand. I mean how amazing is thatAmazing. And it’s also just it’s it’s mind boggling really that it just didn’t happen so fast, soYou know, let’s get practical for a minute here. So, you know, the business owners that are tuning in, what do they need to start thinking about now to be looking to the future of their marketing their business.

Sure and and this may be super basic but I it’s amazing when I have conversations, especially with small business owners andThen enterprises level business owners are a little bit beyond they’ve already invested in marketing and they’re thinking marketing stacks.I’ve got small business owners who are still like, well, I can’t sit on, you know, social media all day long. What do I do like, well, there’s these great technology tools that can help you schedule things and automate some of that mayIt’s mind blowing to them.

And so I think that for small business owners, especially if you look at your task or processes and you think about, okay, what can save me time, we can save me heartache and effort and pain rightAnd let’s look for a tool that will help in that way and I willing to bet that there is a tool. It’s just finding it and soMy suggestion and my recommendation is to watch shows like yours, listen to podcasts and other things.

That will help you find the tools that fit your needs, because there are a lot of tools out there and it can be overwhelming, but just really start with the basics of what your processes are and what your needs are and then go from there.Yeah, I think that’s certainly the challenge writers, you just the volume. I think that’s becoming more and more, not just in technology with tools, but across the marketplace.You know, we’re getting to a world where it’s all about indexing information there.

There’s no lack of information out there. There’s no lack of technology tools. The problem is how do you find what you need when you need it.Oh, absolutely. And, and for me, I mean even being in this space already there. Still, there are a lot of tools. I don’t know about or hear about them. Like, oh wow that’s brand new.And so again, it goes back to, to really making sure that you are educating yourself and and I have thankfully some colleagues in the industry who areMy tech tool gurus, if you will.

And so they love trying new things are always willing to share information with their communities. So that’s how I learned a lot.About different tools to use as well, like the stream. We are tool that I mentioned to you earlier, the platform. I found out about it because of other live streamers, because we’ve been using a different platform. And this one seemed to be better.Right.

The tech always evolves.And that seems to happen a lot to reverse the leading tech company this year may or may not be the leading tech company in two or three years exactlyExactly. I mean, you think about Apple and how, in the past, we always thought Apple was get right the bomb diggity of chat.And they still are up there, but I, you know, there are other companies who are able to do a lot of the things that they are able to do. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love my Mac. I still love my iPhone.

I love that whole whole ecosystem and where the loyal.Apple users areStuckI would say stuck, butYeah Sticky there, right, because it’s an entire ecosystem for us.Right, exactly. And you’ve got to figure out what it is. So how, you know, business, our perspective right they want to run their business. A lot of them.You know, don’t want to be spending too much time or too much effort on social media.

So, what, what do you do practically to keep up. I mean, these new things do keep cropping upHow do you do it.Well,So one of the vital pieces of advice I always give to business owners when they talk about all social media, where do I need to be, what do I need to do one. You don’t have to be everywhere. So that’s, that’s definitely the piece of advice that I would give and thatApplies to tech tools to.

You don’t have to embrace every single tech tools again go back to what your needs are. If you are looking for a tool simply to manage your social media or listenOr get them mentions about your business or schedule, then look at things like Sprout SocialBuffer Hootsuite buffer and Hootsuite are typically a little bit more affordable for small business owners.Sprout Social is what I use. And I love them.

I adore them because their analytics and the data is what my clients want to see and need and I’ve been a user from probably day one, and so they are a little bit more on the mid level to enterprise.Type of company, although I’m you know I’m a small business owner, I can stillAfford the can still afford the monthly fee but you know for really small business and or you may think that’s just too much.

What else is out there. A Gora pulse is available as well. There the tools, run the gamut of features and costs.Right. So, like many other things. You’ve got to balance the two. Right, like weTry to accomplish.You know, I talk a lot in my business planning work and I speak and all. It’s all about what are you trying to accomplish and where you want to go there. So,I guess that probably applies here as well. Right. Step back, think about what your goals are from social media, how it plays in the overall strategy and then start working backwards from there.Yes, absolutely.

And I know I sound like a broken record and I’m glad that you arereiterating what I said is like think about what your needs are and then from there, explore what the tools are that will meet those needs that will have the features that you need and willFit into what your budget is for that specific tool because even though it is an investment in this whole thing about the time that you save possiblyKnow not possibly I know that you’ll save time and effort.

And so your time and your effort as a business owner is expensive to win. So, you know, you’ve got a way thatRight, exactly. So okay, so we’ve talked about some tools. What do we see coming all the way. What do you think is going to happen next five to 10 years where weWell, we’ve already mentioned facial recognition. Right. And then there’s artificial intelligence artificial intelligence or AI is a huge buzz word in the marketing world right now.It’s a matter of and it’s a really cool technology, but it just goes back to our conversations about technology, it can be really cool, butHow can we use it.

What benefit. Can we get out of it. Because if it’s a really cool technology that we want to use just because it’s cool, but it doesn’t give us the benefits that we need, or we can’t afford it, then we’re still, you know, square one.So that’s I think the problem a lot with technology is that we think we see it and it’s cool and it’s shiny and it’s new and we love it.But then we go oh wait, how do I use it.

How can I afford it, does it even make sense for me to use it becauseWhile there are a lot of great things. I’m going to use a is the example, a lot of great things about AI. I love it. I love what it can do.But it may not make sense for a small business owner, but it may make sense for someone who’s a more mid, mid level enterprise. Yeah, just as an example, are you familiar with IBM Watson. I’m sure youSo I got to see this amazing demo.

A few years ago I was at IBM amplified and if you can fall in love with AI I fell in love with Watson thatBecause it took all these parameters of a largemarketing department, right, like they were in the demo was a campaign that they wanted to do it took like all these parameters, all these things that would have takenAn individual marketer or team at least a week to figure out, it did it in like five minutes it spit out a campaign and then it did a B testing for you and it did this and did that is so amazing.Yeah.

Not everybody’s going to be able to afford IBM Watson. And so then you go, Okay, well, that’s cool. It can do all that. But then what does it do for me. What tools out there that fit into my meetings in my bedroom. Right.Yes, there’s a lot of cost benefit going on here. Right. So you have to kind of figure outYou know what’s practical and i think that’s that’s a, that’s one of the hidden things. A lot of people think, Oh, well I just buy a piece of technology andI’m done, but it’s usually not like that. Right. You’ve got to have an implementation, you gotta work through it.

You gotta learn it. And then there’s all the hidden costs in the back end.Yes. And just as a prime example I’ve got a client who is utilizing was utilizing HubSpot, I love HubSpot for what it does, but for the typical small business owner, it may be a little overwhelming.But it is still a great tool because you’ve got everything, all in one place and and and they have great service andTraining and all these things to help you utilize it and but it goes back to what you were saying this cost benefit.

It’s like, doI need to take the time to learn how to use this tool to make it really fully work for me. And I find that a lot of times business owners don’t take that time they think they’ll just learn it as they go along the men get frustratedAnd they feel like they’ve wasted.Money on this tech tool when, in essence, they will. Yes, they have wasted money because they didn’t take that extra time and effort to learn how to use it to its full benefits for them.Yeah. So how do we how do we how do we do that more effectively going in the challenges I only see of course I get this with my startup clients and other people is, you know, you don’t you don’t know that you don’t know. Right.

So, you know, coming into rolling out a marketing campaign or implementing a tech to a lot of these business owners don’t know what they don’t knowYeah, absolutely.Do you counteract that or have you worked with it.It really, it’s a matter of listening to and having that conversation with the people that you have hired to advise youYou know, or even if you don’t want to, or don’t have the budget to continue to work with someone at least pull in a consultant at the very beginning and say, hey, here are my means.Here’s what I want to achieve.

How do I get from A to B and meet those goals and what tools will help me and at least have them.Outline a roadmap for you and make recommendations for different tools and then you can go from there. But again, I really, you know, recommend working withSomeone who’s an expert or who keeps up with everything, such as an external marketing consultant. If you don’t have your own marketing department inHouse.It’s worth the investment to save you time and effort and headache.Yes.

What you see is where i mean you know it’s your learning curve. So Steve, you could spend a fortune, trying to figure outWhich tools to use, how to use them, how to turn them on how to get them adjusted, whereas you could, you know, probably consulting to do something that would take you 50 hours a week right doing an hour.Well, I mean, speaking from my experience, I will go out there and try different tools, all the time to so I can. I know what they’re doing.

I can speak to them intelligently and make recommendations. When peopleAsk for them because I know that the tools that I love to use may not fit with everybody. And again, it’s, it’s different. There are many different tools that do the same thing.But it’s going to go back to your own personal preference, how you use them, what features. There are, and what are the costs.Yeah.

Now, do you think will keep getting more and more different technology solutions in the future. Do you think we’ll get some consolidation at some point. I mean, right now it just seems like there’s a lot of technology solutions out there.Oh, great question. And I think there will be more that continue to come out.

But there are going to be more consolidations, think about Salesforce.They have purchased par.or Pardo however you pronounce that, which is a platform, similar to HubSpot IBM hasPurchase silver pop or they purchase a laptop. A number of years ago, which is again another marketing automation platform that is similar to HubSpot, and soYou know, I think these these larger brands and enterprises have recognized that it’s easier for them to go ahead and justAcquire a tool or technology platform that has already established and for them to just start one on their own.

So I believe that you will see more of that merger and acquisition, youKnow we we’ve certainly seen that, you know, with Facebook now for a while.You know, those that haven’t caught the news in the last several weeks. Facebook has gone big into blockchain and crypto currency andBy acquisition. Right, so we don’t know exactly what they’re going to do yet we don’t know what’s going on.

But they say let’s go acquires a blockchain cryptocurrency company.Yeah.That brings up a good point, too.I think Sean that like these smaller companies are really focusing on these new technologies, with that in mind, right. Like that’s their end goal is toBe acquired by a larger enterprise, who does it who already wants to acquire somebody who’s established rightYeah, we know that we, we see that in the business plans right and you talk to a lot of entrepreneurs.

My goal is to be acquired by XYZ technology company because I’m building a sub piece which will mold intoTheir overall technology creates a really interesting ecosystem, because, you know, you would think that the you would think that some companies will be saying you know what technology, do we need help with the future, but instead they’re sayingWhat technology do I think another company will be in the future. Let me develop it now. So it’s really interesting watching that space.

And I think that’s probably going to be a growing trend.Oh, absolutely. I think that’s the wise. Way to go, actually, because then you end up withA plethora of companies and which we already have. But it with their end goal is to be such a great platform that they are going to be acquired by someone bigger such as IBM or Microsoft or Apple. So I do want to just say hello to me a boss, real quick, she’s watching from Denver.Awesome.

Pop your questions up there as as got it soSo, so a lot of evolution, lot of change. And I think it’s something maybe this is only to get intentional about getting on their calendar, we’re talking about how many quarterly or annual meetings.A lot of my work. And this is probably something where you want to revisit you know every, every three to six months, right, what technology you’re using. What’s your overall marketing plan. And where are you going.

Oh absolutely because and that’s why I always call it a roadmap, becauseYou know, you’re going to have to pivot because something’s going to happen like just likeIf you’re taking a journey on a road trip. Right. And you go along. And all of a sudden this road is closed due to construction, you have to take a detour.Well, it’s very similar to what your marketing journey is and and because tech does evolve and marketing.

You know techniques and other things evolved and changed because nowadays. I come from the old school like marketing world of print like we used to tell people to go advertise in a newspaperAnd I would not even recommend that nowadays when people talk about direct mail pieces and postcards to be. I can goThere are much better ways to utilize your budget concerns, just the shift. And so that’s constantly going to change as well.Yeah, so that changed.

So now you’re deep in this world and notes which he would you spend a lot of time on how do people check out your work, how to get ahold of you maybe somebody wants to have a conversation about their strategy.Will absolutely start thatSo I’m on LinkedIn. I’m quite active on LinkedIn. So, and that’s where I utilize a lot ofFor my business connections and having that conversation. I’m also a huge user of Twitter love having these types of conversations on Twitter.

In fact, I used to have a Twitter chat called mobile chat.Which has now evolved into a live streaming show and called mobile chat live and we talked about technology, too. So those are the two best places to connect with me and have that conversation and I love talking about marketing and tech. And so, yeah, great.Thanks forThanks for adding so much value to our viewers and listeners, folks.

Take a moment pat yourself on the back, always like to tell you do that, you know, for investing yourself intoThe future.And provide a lot of great advice. So go back we wash squashing see past episode, you’d see upcoming episodes all the future done right. COM. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel see a fewMore episodes as they’re coming but and thanks for adding so much value to your audience and helping everybody reallyThank you for having me on. I appreciate the invitation.Thank you.Bye


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