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Building and Ownership Culture In Your Business

The culture in your business and the way your team treats it – will make and break your business.

But how do you create a culture where your employees treat your business as theirs?

Join The Our Shawn for the Future Done Right(TM) Show as we explore what we are seeing and what we need for the future.

Daren Martin, the author of A Company of Owners and other books joins us to discuss.

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Hey everyone it’s The Our Shawn, welcome to another edition of the Future Done Right™ Show.

Joining me today is Darren Martin.

Darren, and I are buddies from Dallas. We’ve known each other for a while. But Darren has a great Program about company of the owners and I really love it. It’s about culture. It’s about ownership different attitude about business. Those of you that are regular

People that tune in to the show know one of the things we talked about is the fact that attitude, see the change in the future that we’re really changing into a dynamic economy.

Making sure that we’ve got the right skill sets showing up wherever we’re working wherever whatever business running or whoever. We’re working for you guys show up, ready to go on demand.

And Darren talks about how you drive that culture through your entire organization. So I think it’s really, really important for us to think about it. So you get some great tips.

Both for our own mindset before the mindset of those that we’ve worked with

For those of you who have tuned in a while or don’t tune in as often on the ASHA I’m a corporate lawyer by training I help you with ownership of controlling the business that means mergers capital raised

Partnership Agreements contract negotiations. That’s what I spent a lot of my time.

But from their spot off work and helping people get their business strategy right to get things get the foundation, right, which is why I look so much the future of business.

The business owner or business leader to give you ideas to help you be better at your business.

So that’s our goal today.

Future done right on YouTube, one of our LinkedIn feeds give us comments, let us know what you’re learning from the show.

Also let us know what we can help you with in the future. What challenges are you having with cultural issues are you seeing your business.

Get where you’re going. Quick reminder we don’t do investment advice. We don’t need legal advice on the show. Over the years for your education, consult your own advisors for those issues. And with that, welcome to the show. Thanks for joining me today.

Hey really disappointing. I was about to ask you for legal advice and financial advice.

company culture. Now, I guess.

Talk about company culture.

Back into your lane. So, you know, I love, I love your work. I’ve read your books and I know that you know you go deep on thinking about how do we all relate to each other how we set the right culture. Watch this talk, you know, as we open up. Why is that so important to you and your clients.

I cut my teeth over the last 12 years doing some advising consulting work being in and out of all different sized companies mom and pops fortune 500 200 100 I mean some

And as I say, when you do enough that you, you see the good, the bad, and the ugly and I just got frustrated with people being frustrated you know with people.

crawling into work on a Monday morning and dancing out on a Friday and, you know, we’ve got this this huge gap that’s going on and most companies have engagement.

And I think this system is definitely broken and it doesn’t have to be that way. First of all, leaders CEOs people, you know, they say it’s lonely at the top.

It’s ridiculous and Gallup shows this year over year. And by the way, that was long before the millennial showed up. We’d like to to blame this generation, but that’s been going on for a long time.

And I think it’s the largest silent tax on any company. In fact, I think if the revenue being lost by companies not having great company culture showed up on their balance sheet, the CEO would say stop right now we’re going to shut down the company until we get this right.

Right, because it’s it you know companies are leaving. Well, in fact, and I mean I can back that up one Harvard studies.

Right over the course of 10 years they see an increase of 765% to their net profitability. Now it’s Sean, I mean, wrap your brain around that. Right.

One company would like to grow their net profitability by 765%

And it’s just as easy as getting the culture right

There’s numbers are kind of silently there right so it’s hard to grasp your

Hands around it because you know it’s you don’t have to write, you don’t write a direct check for write the checks are, you know, the employees showed up and didn’t try hard. They got a customer angry and the customer left

They, you know, have they left the job and now you got to go hire somebody recruit somebody retrain somebody. So a lot of these costs are hidden or they’re in different pockets right so i think a lot of companies miss the scope of this issue.

So Sean I I actually just came up with the project for us.

I think it’d be fun to play with that you know i think i think the tricky thing is you know understand accounting systems, you know, it’s just

Everybody, you know, people are usually in departments their budgeting and it’s so I think it’s just hard to get your hands around it. But I think I’d love to jump in there. And maybe that’s something you know we’ll talk about offline to do is

Really trying to quantify this for people because I think that’s the biggest thing is eat. There’s a lot of costs associated with disengaged employees.

And they’re everywhere. They’re spread throughout your books. And so it’s hard to say how big the total is, but I can tell you it’s big based on our conversation just replace that part of it can be huge. I’ve seen

Oh yeah, I mean, you know, all I have to say to get people interested executives people, you know, HR people C suite, etc. It’s talking about attracting retaining top talent.

The talent wars are in full Rage Yeah, and companies are desperate to get the kind of people that are going to help build a company, but you don’t attract and retain top talent. If you don’t have great cultures.

Certainly not on the retaining part because you can get them in the front door, sometimes with big promises of, you know, paychecks and whatever else, but your top employees are gonna stay around long, they’ve got options. They’ve got a places they can go

Harder to get a 12 $12 an hour call center job at Zappos than it was to get into Harvard University. And the reason was because people just wanted to be a part of something they wanted to be part of something that was really dynamic

A lot of these issues go back waibel way before the millennials when the workforce. We’re still dealing with the same issues now that will be online but millennials, in particular.

Love to be engaged right and they will tell you that millennials will work for less money if they’re engaged right if they’re doing something that’s meaningful part of a bigger purpose.

It’s a really hard working generation, they, they are just not willing to do that. Well, you know, when I was good. We just went to work and did it because it was work, you know,

Anything that follows a repetitive.

Pitbull pattern those jobs are going away because machine learning that’s going to be outsourced

That the new workforce is really about people who are bringing their best to it, they can communicate. They can innovate their creative

They’re able to collaborate with other people to build some really great things that’s that’s a whole different skill set than what was required in the past to stand out a piece of machinery in a factory and just pull a lever right

No, you were yeah and that’s absolutely true we if we back the economy of 30 4050 years right there are a lot of jobs where people were, you know, pulling the lever sticking something on a machine.

bundling things up that were coming off production line. You know those jobs are all getting automated

And then, you know, we had office jobs which were largely clerical right i mean the accountants. I remember you know 2025 years ago.

Sitting in an office in Black and Decker, as I was interning while it’s going through law school, and we were literally pulling data out of one thing, putting into a spreadsheet moving it around.

And if you’re leaning in and copy it out the other end. Right.


Because that’s where systems work 2025 years ago even educated people and I was a college educated that point finishing up my degree.


But it was, you know, that’s what we’re using our brain power on those jobs are all you know going away with blockchain and modern day technology so

It’s such a shift.

And Henry Ford is on record as saying, why would I ask for a pair of hands. Do I get a brain.

Okay. Now, think about the time in which he lived in what he was trying to do. He didn’t want artists. Artists in culture people to show up and

Make their own creative flourishes to what he was building. He wanted those cars to roll off that assembly line and look exactly like the one that came before it. So,

Ultimately before God is wish i mean it’s it’s automation. Right. It’s a

Set of people stay in their drill in the holes. A lot of machines are doing that, but I think we’re living in the in the greatest shift and the time of greatest opportunity in the history of ever the evolution that is going on at work.

Is massive

I think we’re in a world of opportunity to I feel the same way. And that’s one of our core missions with the show and our viewers know it is we’re trying to bring them ideas, concepts things. I mean, this is why you’re here right to

propel them forward because the people that get ahead of this curve and all this change or capitalized huge because there’s only so much opportunity created, but it’s it’s a different sector than where the economy. Used to be.

Right. Every single person watching this. I don’t care what industry. I don’t care what kind of company you’re in needs to content considered himself as their own little, you know, Darren Martin, Inc. You are your company.

And that’s what everybody’s looking for, right, whether you’re you know consultant speaker, like you and I do or whether you’re the employees showing up to work.

We talked about a lot skills on demand. Right. I mean, people want employers want people, they can plug in, they can do something and get it done.

Correctly right away right ready to go. And so each of us if you’re an individual that’s, you know, hasn’t built your own business. Yet, or just don’t want to do that.

And I did a keynote for for dl and number years ago as a class act really cool be but Charles told me his story DL didn’t tell me the story that at one of the sonic locations.

One of their managers. Notice that people were coming by to get drink soft drinks tea, mainly because they liked the crunchy is right that that wonderful Sonic, guys.

And so he came up the idea of ours, he or she, I’m not sure which but decided, hey, we’re gonna let will start selling it started selling to customers. It was huge. It was sort of doing that across the footprint and selling ice that they had already added $4 million a year to their profitability.

I mean, you know, there’s not a lot of hard costs built into ice.

Right, every once you’ve already got the equipment to. I mean, that’s perfect. Right. And that’s exactly the type of stuff we want for our business right using our existing infrastructure.

And. Right. Right, exactly. But you know that guy did and their Dell then sit around and go, Well, nobody told me to do that. We don’t have a corporate policy around this. They just like, Hey, let’s let’s play with this and what

CEO or owner or manager doesn’t want people to show initiative. In fact, if they don’t, you probably need to go check out another company right because you’re working with somebody who’s just about, you know, keeping the thumb on it and not

Really all decisions can be made in the C suite. Right. So, I mean, the truth is in a larger company in particular.

The ice chips is never going to show up on the CEOs report. Right. I mean, we keep funneling information down. We keep you know it higher level which is necessary because you know the process so much information. Nobody was seen that $4 million a year have not stepped up and said, hey,

There’s absolutely and that’s why more decision making these to be made as I say closer to the valve right

Sometimes owners will or, you know, CEOs or people will ask me, Well, how do we create a company owners. And I said, Well, for starters, if you want people to act like owners, you have to treat them like owners. Yep. Give them some autonomy, some authority, some support to do their job. Okay.

So when they know that

This needs to happen you know the Ritz is famous for.

Giving all their floor people. I don’t know what the number is. Now, but it used to be 2500 bucks to solve any problem. They didn’t have to you know get permission. They didn’t have to do any of that.

Just if there’s an issue. Don’t get it approved after management take care of the customer, right.

And, you know, a lot of companies that you know I’ve talked to people who are running big operations are big parts and they don’t have any authority spending power or whatever to fix stuff know

It’s frustrating for a customer standpoint, any. Let me just chime in there you randomly reminded me. You know, I ran this car one time.

And I dropped it off in the morning and they didn’t even have an employee there. Right, so they’re saving costs, they don’t have an employee there. So they check it on the wrong day

How many hours I spent going in circles with them about the fact that I dropped the car off before they were open and they shouldn’t charge me for an additional day

We ought to be able to build for that, dude. Time is money.


Right needed and turned it right but uh, but because they didn’t do the work, because they lean staff, they want to charge it to me. Right. And so it’s frustrating. That’s another one hidden costs because I know exactly which rental car company that is, and I’m not doing business with

Under the title and beach your company. But at any rate, so on beach stories in there but I talked about the getting a call from they’ve got the dragon. And he said, Hey, Mr. Martin.

Just started here and I discovered that we’ve had some of your clothes here for six months that got misplaced mislabeled. I’m like, oh, okay. So I go down, pick up my four shirts or whatever it is you know I dropped them off. I picked him up. I just, I’m not counting and. All right.

It’s hard to keep track a little stuff.

So first of all, each me tell a customer as part of your fault to that screwed up right but the punch line was so you know at this point I’m laughing because I’m thinking, oh boy. Here’s the story I, you know, for me this is goal because I get to tell us from stage, from now on, right.

Right, right. And so, you know, I’ve got a sample of my credit card like okay dude, whatever. And

I said, like, you know, you really shouldn’t be charged me

And well, only the owner could make that decision. Yeah, when only the owner can make that decision.

Then you have no other owners within the company that guys should have had the prerogative to think right and go wow we’ve had this guy’s close to six weeks can write that off.

Now fortunately that really convenient to where I live. And I had a good spirit about it, we, we still keep going there. But if I had another option. I guarantee the popped up right next door. I’m done. Right.

Have already seen an office building right

quality service will keep a customer but lower quality service does open the door to people looking around, right. So,

Absolutely. But I don’t blame this guy for that I actually blame the manager, the owner has instilled the spirit of fear of hey you know you better every penny counts, you better keep up with all that which is true.

But the cost of retaining a customer when something like that happens or losing them you know you’re it’s worth it to to make the right decision. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a problem, particularly in a retail situation and, you know, the employee seems to know that you’re right, they know that you’re being harassed, but you know they’re tied by policy and that’s that’s

That’s frustrating for the customer. It’s frustrating for the employee and you know it’s not great for the bottom line of business. It’s terrible. Wow.

I had one of those where I’m on the phone for hours, like you were talking about.

It was a complete screw up. And this person, you know, the only resolution is I have to send a stamped letter to some nondescript location and whatever. Right. I’m like really

It’s a 2018. You got to be kidding. His last year. Right. And they would come by the end of the color commiserating with me. Yeah, I know. This is ridiculous. There’s no way we should be operating this way, but it’s the only option I have and I’m just like,

Right, yeah.

One time, my mother and I were driving between where my parents used to live Maryland and Florida and we stopped at this random gas station in Georgia, like, three o’clock in the morning.

And so we get our tank of gas we walk inside and really

Looks at us. And she goes, Would you like to get a Car Wash with your Philip, it’s like three o’clock in the morning really traveling down the interstate. I looked at my mother. We just laughed. She point this microphone over to said we’re required to ask every customer, they want

Click complete cause the completely ridiculous situation but its policy right everybody has to be asked that clearly in the context, three o’clock in the morning.

Somebody traveling down the interstate very few very, very low acceptance rate probably own car washes

Exactly, so sit there and you know I know you do work with people you work with organization myself a little bit about what you’re doing, how they get ahold of you if they’re interested in doing.

Got a couple of engagements going right now. And then I speak. I do a lot of keynote speaking for wide range of industries financial oil and gas. I mean, healthcare, because I’m talking about the people side of business. So it’s not really industry specific

Everybody’s got the same issues within engagement. Right. And then I write books. So I’ve got four or five books bunch more coming this year. Sean homie do that but some more on the way. The big, the big dog is company owners. Yeah.

The work culture of this country and around the world. So we were fortunate our books are actually come out in Kenya and East Africa, India, I mean it’s a number of different countries being impacted

But I really do want to see work be a more fulfilling place for people to go where they can bring their A game bring their best. And then I want to see businesses prosper like crazy because of that increased engagement. That’s, that’s my

I love it. So there’s great stuff and go check out his work, you know, follow him on LinkedIn, you know, make sure you’re getting seeing what he’s doing. So everything I see coming out of there and shop is amazing.

Folks, I want you to take a moment pat yourself on the back, as I always ask you for doing the hard work, invest in yourself. Think about these issues.

cultural issues or something a lot of people like to sweep under the rug caution, big money and there’s driven at home to to you.

So make sure you take some lessons from it remind you to see past episodes and see upcoming gas, you can subscribe to our email list to get even more insider tips.

All of that at So go check that out. Make sure you subscribe to the future done right YouTube channel and ring the bell. So you’ll get the notification there and a lot of fun looking forward to doing some more with you.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me on, Shawn.


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