Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

I am publishing this article on Mother’s Day, 2019.

This has been a special Mother’s Day.  I’ve gotten to spend the whole weekend with my Mom.  And through the miracles of social media I’ve gotten to interact with a lot of my friends that are moms or that have moms (I guess technically almost everyone has some form of mom).

And it’s given me a chance to reflect.

And looking back I remember that one day I figured out, I am not sure when, what most of us that are older have already figured out. I figured out that my mom is human. Human too.

Moms Start as Superheros

For almost all of us our moms start as superheroes. Even for those of us not lucky enough to come from a stable household there was a moment, a time, before you knew better when mom was a superhero.

And for many of us mom keeps up that superhero positioning for a long time. Despite all of the toll on the human side of her mom works to be superhuman. To be more for us. To put us first.

Moms love and moms forgive. For we all mess up. A lot (or for someone like me really a lot).

And I think most of us, as we age, start to see just how hard it was for mom to always be a superhero.

But Moms Aren’t Perfect Either

But there is a hidden reality behind mom the superhero. You see that behind that superhero is a flawed, challenged human. We are all longing for perfection.

And mom knows she made mistakes. And for most of the moms I know the mistakes they made in raising us – the slips in the superhero – hurt them more than we can imagine. They know that “only if” they had been a little more perfect that would have imprinted us slightly differently and that would have made a difference.

But as much as moms can be a superhero to us they are human too.

But They Are Usually Perfectly Imperfect

But like all humans moms are perfectly imperfect. There is a beauty to our uniqueness. Those little quirks, the human side, make us what we are. They give us definition. They allow them to be what no one else can be – themselves.

And they hand a piece of that perfect imperfection to us.

And There Is a Beauty in Real

If you look at a desert landscape you’ll notice irregularities. There is a randomness to how the landscape unfolds. Where the dirt piles up. Where the cliffs in the distance turn from smooth to jagged.

Picture from The Our Shawn's Personal Collection used with permission.

Picture from The Our Shawn’s Personal Collection used with permission.

We as humans don’t do perfect well. We, ourselves, will never be perfect. And other than the youngest of us thinking that mom is perfect there are few other times we tolerate perfection. In sales we often think that too perfect is fake and a recipe for buying problems from that “slick” salesperson.

We have a fundamental doubt about something too perfect.

And the same goes for our moms. As soon as we appreciate they aren’t the perfect superhero they’ve played for years (they often are still superheroes, just not perfect superheros) we can appreciate their realness. Their sacrifice. And how they have loved and how they have given for us.

And If We Get to That Real Human Side There is so Much More Meaning

And that’s where the meaning in. For those of us lucky enough to keep our moms later into adulthood we really get to know the woman she is.

With the passing of my father and all of the challenges with his years of illness leading up to death I really got to know my mom. And she isn’t perfect. I think she would even say so.

But she is a very real human. A very good human that wants the best for me, her friends and the world.

It’s that beauty of being a real human that makes her so wonderful. And I know millions of you out there have a mom just like that.

A Thank You

So I want to stop and say “thank you.”  Thank you to my mom. But thank you to the countless moms out there that have done the hard work – for our society, for our world.

Embrace you and enjoy this mother’s day. Celebrate you. We love your realness.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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