Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I recently became a “writer.” Up until recently I wrote – a lot – but I wasn’t what I would call a writer. Sure, I had penned the books Business Blunders and It’s About Time. And I’ve written a lot of emails in my day.

But until recently I didn’t regularly write and publish. Now I do. It’s my goal to publish at least one article per day at

And writing regularly has changed everything for me. In this short journey of becoming a regular writer so much has changed in my life.

I wanted to write this article for you so that you might think about being a writer too.

Writing Changes Your View Point

Perhaps the best thing about being a writer is that you change how you view things. Rather than having a passing interest in topics you want to develop them. You start putting a critical eye to things.

No longer is it enough to determine something just “is” a certain way. As a writer you have to dig into the why and explain it. A deeper understanding is needed.

For instance I recently did a piece on why Simon Sinek’s Start With Why might not be a strong enough philosophy in today’s world. Not only did I have to have to have the notion in my head of my insights on Start With Why I had to strengthen and develop those core thoughts.

And writing doesn’t just help for the stories you develop. Writing also helps you think better on all analysis. For me it’s like my brain has shifted into a new level of thinking.

You Learn There Are Things to Develop

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

As you write more and more you’ll start seeing more things to develop. You’ll notice that there are stories and issues all around you.

Why is this this way? Why is that that way?

Was that outcome fair?

What’s happening to our society?

One of my favorite hobbies now is to think about situations I see and come up with headlines for future articles. Future articles which will help my understanding of my fellow man.

It doesn’t look like I will ever have enough time to develop all of the articles and issues I think of – but just starting the process and knowing the issues are there to develop and understand is a game changer in and of itself.

You Develop Things

And while not everything can be developed, some things can! And the things you do develop as a writer can be a rollercoaster ride of learning and mind expansion.

Every time I sit down to write my mind expands. Just the process of outlining an article and working my hardest to explain an issue and an outcome to a reader causes me to develop my thinking and analysis.

And as I develop a piece there are always holes. There are things I don’t fully understand. I need to question myself, my thinking and research the work of others to fully develop an article.

What an amazing way to learn and grow with every piece you write.

You Get in More Conversations

Not everything you write is going to be popular. Especially if your thoughts (and the writing that follows) pushes on convention.

At one point I did a piece on catcalling. As you can imagine being a man talking about the issue did not go unnoticed. In a private Facebook forum a lot of people questioned my writing. I was even accused of using the word “catcalling” for clickbait and for stealing an important topic and not giving it proper treatment.

But I put my heart into that story and I wanted to open discussion and get people thinking differently on what is politically correct and what we should and shouldn’t be saying in society. And I think even the critics, as many as there were, had to stop and think about their positions on things.

Even with the tension involved I learned a lot. What people objected to and the holes they saw in the earlier piece will all drive me to be a better writer in the future. I now have more materials to develop, more viewpoints and more lines of thought.

Reading the comments on a piece you wrote can often give you insights and ideas you never had.

You Pay More Attention to Other Writers

Another great thing about being a writer, particularly on a platform like, is that you become friends with other writers. You read their writing. You learn from their writing. You are inspired by their writing.

While you don’t want to copy the work of others you might see a style of writing or formatting you can use. Maybe you learn a better command of the language. Or maybe they discuss something in their article and you want to develop it more.

There are lots of things working alongside other writers can do. And the chief benefit is that their work will make you a better writer.

You Think Deeper

Being a writer also makes you think deeper. You are getting this amazing input on your writing from readers after you publish. And then each time you write a piece you start to anticipate what the audience and readers might be thinking when then read it. It’s not what the wording means to you, it’s what it means to them.

You start to draw connections and think about how to connect the dots. You analyze your logical jumps and connections in the stories. You hope to explain these connections to your readers so they understand without boring them with the obvious.

Being a writer requires a whole new level of thinking beyond what most of us do.

People See You Differently

Not only are you different because of the thinking and analysis that goes into being a writer, people start to see you differently. Many people recognize the extreme effort that goes into being a writer. Almost everyone knows it’s not easy.

People also start to see your reasoning, analysis and base of knowledge. You are, in a way, elevated. People see you as being conscious and aware. They know you know more connected issues. They know you know how to think.

You Are Better

And all of this leads to you being better. You are just better at so many skills in life because you are a writer.

This isn’t meant in an ego way. It’s meant in the sense of being a better human for you, your family and loved ones.

It’s not easy being a writer. It’s tiring at times. There’s always a new story to chase. You have to build your reputation.

Writing is no cakewalk. But it is rewarding.

If you haven’t done much writing yet I encourage you to give it a try for a while. I bet you’ll be amazed by the results.

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