The Our Shawn in a Do Business Differently(TM) Suit from the Florida Bar Convention. License granted for photo use.

The Our Shawn in a Do Business Differently(TM) Suit from the Florida Bar Convention. License granted for photo use.

As soon as people see me they know I am different.

If it’s a normal business day you’ll see me in a Do Business Differently™ Suit.  It’s a conversation starter. It lets people know I am different.

But you know what’s really fun?  When I wear the crazy suits people come talk to me more. And they express themselves more.

You see under the mask of society we are all a bit unusual. And most people are hiding their unusual at a huge cost. Most people think something too perfect is inauthentic – and if you are too perfect you are losing real connection with others.

I want to give you some idea on how I ended up on this path to weird, what it has meant to me and what it means to the future. My goal is to help you with some lessons, and maybe give you the confidence, to be more unusual.

How It All Started

After being a lawyer for many years in a few of the largest law firms in the world (where everyone dresses about the same) I started my own law firm. A few years after that I decided to start speaking.

I knew from my years of helping other people build their business plans that those that were unique and different succeeded in business. So I brought that message into my speeches.

But a strange thing happened. Every time I would get on stage I would be introduced as a business lawyer.

And when I got off stage people kept walking up to me and saying the same thing: “You aren’t like any other lawyer.”

Yet my fashion consultants and advisors want me to dress more of the lawyer part. Look more like a lawyer. More official.

There was a huge disconnect.

One day I wore an unusual suit to a party. People loved it. More people talked to me. People took photos. Less people were scared of me.

After a couple of trials with unusual suits I knew I had to dress weird to serve my audiences. So they could connect better. So people would approach me. So I could help more people be effective in executing their plans for the future of business.

I don’t dress weird for me. I dress weird for them – my audience. I dress weird for you – the business owner or leader – that might be too scared to approach a lawyer, writer and author.

What It’s Meant To The World

The Our Shawn in a Do Business Differently(TM) Suit from the Florida Bar Convention. License granted for photo use.

The Our Shawn in a Do Business Differently(TM) Suit from the Florida Bar Convention. License granted for photo use.

Since embracing the unusual suits my world has changed a lot. Those that didn’t get the new attire, and the message behind it, have exited my world. New friends have shown up.

Critically more conversations have happened between myself, my live audiences, my readers and my clients about how they can Do Business Differently™.

I really don’t care what I wear if it gets others thinking about how to do more to make their business ready for the future. And being unique is definitely a key to the future of business.

What It Means For The Future

I don’t see the Do Business Differently™ suits going anywhere! They are too helpful to others.

And more and more those that are learning from us, reading our articles or listening to us want to know we are authentic. They don’t want started repetitive advice. They want someone unique. They want someone that cares. They want to see you are real.

I believe more and more in the future we will each have to show we are genuinely unique.

Food For Thought

We all need to think about how to be more authentic and to break down walls. My suits tell folks that I am not like others. It does a job.

What can you do to show you are authentic, unique and approachable?

Showing something a little weird about you, and that you are indeed unique, will go a long way! I doesn’t have to be a suit. It could be a pin, something you carry with you, or something you say.

What will you do to be weird and show yourself to others?  I want to see your comments. Drop them below and I’ll be reading and commenting back with you!

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