Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

If you’ve been following my work on, or LinkedIn you’ll notice I’ve been writing a lot about relationships.

And you might also know that I am the host of the Future Done Right(™) Show and focus on the future of business.

So why all the talk about relationships?

Get back to business, right Shawn?!?

I write about relationships because relationships are the future of business. There is no skill more critical to our future economy, to our careers, and to our success than relationships.

As I’ve noted on the show a number of times AI, machine learning and advanced robotics are all coming. Computers will be able to do more and more of our day-to-day tasks.

BUT, computers and AI can’t do one thing very well. That’s seeing the broad connections, understanding how things fit together and determining what really matters to you, me or mankind.

You see computers and AI don’t do one thing well: relationships.

And I am writing this article to get us focused on what matters for the future. To give you a competitive advantage. There is a huge world of opportunity for those that are truly good at relationships.

They Just Don’t Get It

Computers are great at tasks. So are robots.

Give them something to do over and over again and they’ll do it. They don’t know why they do it, but they do it great – over and over.

Look at one of the latest examples – automated ordering. Walk into a restaurant today and they may have computerized screens where you can just type in your order (even using pictures) and have it sent to the kitchen. Done.

The computer doesn’t know why you are ordering that. It doesn’t care. It doesn’t know how you feel about your order. It just processes.

And as we advance we get better and better at processing. And a lot of folks – order takers, customer service folks and some sales reps – are in the process business. Computers can take your place. You have little to no job security.

But for other jobs and tasks the computers and AI are a long way from replacing you.

There Is Complexity Out There

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Moving on from ordering your regular hamburger on the screen at the most popular of fast food restaurants to more complex sales is where computers start to fail.

Most of us aren’t going to call up and order a major software implementation over the internet. We aren’t going to have someone build an addition onto our house without meeting them. And we, almost certainly, aren’t going to buy a house without seeing it.

Many sales remain complex. And we want to know that our sales representative gets it. That they care and will make things right if they go wrong.

We also want someone that understands our emotions. We don’t just want that addition on our house to add another 500 square feet. We want it to have a certain feel and add to our lives – in our home. And we want to talk to humans that get that and get it right for us.

The truth is that humans, their buying needs and their emotions are extremely complex. Even the best of AI isn’t going to fix that.

Emotion is Where It Is

So for us humans that want to be relevant – and not just be relevant but lead – in the future emotion is where it is.

Computers are going to take more and more routine tasks away. How many elevator operators are there these days? How many still have a secretary they use to type letters? The wave of automating tasks will continue.

But we will still need human to human connections. We will need thinking, shaping and development of ideas. We will need humans to have input on the future of humanity. In fact I personally think that humans that shape the future of humanity will become a whole new industry.

If we are going to be in the business of the future of business we need emotion.

Business Relationships and Personal Relationships – Same Lessons

Relationships, at some level, are relationships. Many of the lessons we learn in our personal life and dealings with family and friends will train us for our business dealings. Work and life help one another (see my prior article on Work-Life Integration).

We can bring lessons into our business world from our dealing with friends and family as we have dated, developed life long friendships and raised our families.

More and more we are going to see that the emotional intelligence we need in our personal lives will also drive our business live and help us succeed there too.

I Wish I Had Studied More Psychology

After practicing law for a few years I would often tell myself “I wish I had studied more psychology.” I think we are all going to be saying that.

Computers can deal with non-psychology items. Processes and systems. We are a long time from having machines that truly understand, and properly react to, human emotions. So for those of us that will be shaping the future of business the more we get in tune with psychology the better.

This doesn’t mean you have to go get a degree in psychology. But, if you can, learn more and more on this important subject. Improve your ability to understand the emotions of others. This in turn will allow you to have better relationships.

Let’s Get Ready For The Future of Business

So now is the time to get ready for the future of business. It’s going to be a radically different landscape than today.

AI, machine learning and advanced robotics are coming hard. But those of us that are in the know know that we still need humans and will for a long time.

Relationships. That’s where it’s at.

If you are following my work you’ll be seeing more and more about the future of business. And you’ll be seeing more about relationships. The two go hand-in-hand.

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