Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

I wasn’t always a believer. As I’ve been in the professional world for the last two decades I would have occasional run-ins with personality styles: DISC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Koble, etc.

I would listen for a bit and zone out.

But I will tell you what: I am now a believer. After all of this time I believe that understanding personality styles is a key to the future of business.

And knowing about them – and how they are used – could really ramp up your business.

My familiarity with personality styles, my work in the area of the future of business, and a chance encounter lead to the realization that the future is before our eyes.

And those of us that get great at personality style – we are going to have a competitive advantage.

It’s More Than Fun

When I first started looking at personality styles I thought they were fun. How interesting that some people think and behave one way and others think and behave a different way.

It did seem like a good idea for filtering and finding out those that “get you” and those that don’t. I mean if your personality styles are similar you should be friends, right?

And that’s the level of sophistication I put into personality styles at first. You know me, I know you and maybe we find some commonality.

I didn’t realize I was missing a whole layer of information and interaction.

These Things Really Do Something

Not only do personality styles tell us who we can communicate with and why (and there’s a lot more to it than just picking someone with the same personality style as you), but they tell us what people value. They tell us what people need. They, almost, give us a map to their soul.

And if we get good at understanding personality styles we can lead better, we can sell better and we can communicate better. Countless articles abound the internet and our magazines talking about how communication is both verbal and non-verbal and how they interplay.

Now think about adding the secret sauce of knowing that matters to other people. If you understood them and their personality could you tune the message in better?  I bet you could!

And with that a world of communications and business possibilities open up.

Why Is This The Future of Business

But you are asking why is this the future of business? Haven’t we always had different personality and communication styles?  What’s so special, now, all of a sudden?

That answer is that the world is changing. We all know that AI and automation are coming. But AI and automation are great at routine task not less structured things like human emotions.

For those of us humans that want to shape the future in this computerized and logical world out ability to add value is largely in the human and emotional intelligence space. The computers need us today, and for the foreseeable future, to help they understand what to do with all of their amazing processing power. They need to know how to connect from pure processing to human, meaning emotional, needs.

And knowing and understanding other human’s emotional needs is where personality styles come into play.

How I Connected The Dots

How did I bring all of this together? Well it happened in a very human way. I was talking to one of my business associates who was very passionate about personality styles.

I, of course, am very passionate about the future of business. And as I often point out on the Future Done Right™ Show the future of business is about emotional intelligence and human relations.

And then it all came together. Understanding others’ personality styles could be the key.

What Should We All Be Doing, Now?

So what should we be doing, now? We should be studying our emotions and the emotions of other humans. Understanding personality styles can be a key.

The more we get familiar with this powerful tools the more we can do.

I am curious to hear your experiences with personality styles and how they helped you in life and in business. I’ll be looking for your comments below and responding back.

By: The Our Shawn McBride, a speaker, trainer and consultant on The Future of Business, the host of The Future Done Right(TM) Show and long-time business attorney. If you want regular content on the future of business subscribe to get new blog posts from us here.

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