Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We are in the era of free information. Want to tune up your car, there’s an article on that. Want to paint your house, there’s an article on that. Want to build a rocket? Guess what, there’s an article on that.

It seems anything you want to do can be learned, on the internet, for free.

But there is one glaring issue in all this and it’s a huge business opportunity for us!

The problem, today, is that the information out there is just that — a pile of information.  What people really need is knowledge.

How many times have you Googled something and found the same generic information and couldn’t find the answer to your situation?

If you are like me, lots.

So this article is to help us – business owners and leaders – think about what we can sell in the current, and future, environment where so much information is free.

Knowledge Is More Important Than Ever

It seems like modern lives are busier and busier. I can’t remember the last time that someone wrote to me or called me and said they don’t have enough to do. Everyone has too much to do!

And not enough hours to do it.

And most of us feel the same way. When we want something done, we want it done.

Sifting through information has it’s time and place. If you want to build knowledge, in fact, that’s part of what you do. You collect information and experience to build the knowledge.

But these days there is no lack of information. Being able to organize and use that information – well that’s a key to success.

Knowledge is Valuable

Because time is so valuable and people want results knowledge becomes the key. Those that know how to do something, correctly and efficiently, become the leaders and hold a very valuable and saleable asset.

While most smart adults could collect enough information and get to an answer, eventually, odds our they have other valuable things to do. Plus sometimes you need to knowledge now while the market opportunity exists, not at some time in the future.

So know that there is great value in the knowledge you have.

Knowledge Is Still In Short Supply

Just look around the internet at all of the things being sold, especially the information products. It’s clear that there is a lack of knowledge in this information world. Almost all of the experts I know package up their knowledge in ways that their customers consume.

That’s what I do too. When people come to me for training, consulting or speaking on the future of business what do I sell them?  Applied knowledge. Sure, they could, and they could have their audience, read all of the tens of thousands of articles I have read, watch all of my YouTube videos and read all of my articles and blogs that are available. I put out a lot of content. And if you watched and read it all you’d have a lot of knowledge on the future of business.

But you know what’s even more valuable than all of that work to build your knowledge?

Knowledge handed to you. Someone, like myself, that can walk in and point you in the right direction without pause. Now that’s valuable.

You Still Have To Get Past The Noise

One of the biggest problems, however, is that there is a lot of noise. Quite frankly a lot of people claim to have knowledge but don’t actually have it.

In order to have success you need to get above that noise and show others you do, indeed, have real knowledge. Just saying you have knowledge doesn’t do it.

So you need to show your knowledge. Which means you probably have to participate in the free information game to show others you have the knowledge.

It does work. I get a lot of legal clients and speaking clients from people that see my work online. Eventually if you show enough knowledge by giving others information they connect the dots.

And that’s when I can add the most value anyway – when a client knows I have the knowledge they need.

What Should We All Be Doing, Now?

We should all be focused on using and building our knowledge. How can you use and build it at the same time?

How can you do more to expand your knowledge – that will help others – and showcase that knowledge too?

For me everything I do interconnects. I share and show my expertise while I am building new expertise.

And when someone needs my knowledge they call and I can help them – and that pays the bills.

How can you connect the use of your knowledge, the development of your knowledge and the showcasing of your knowledge all together?

I’d love to hear what you are doing, and why, in the comments below.

By: The Our Shawn McBride, a speaker, trainer and consultant on The Future of Business, the host of The Future Done Right(TM) Show and long-time business attorney. If you want regular content on the future of business subscribe to get new blog posts from us here.

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