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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As we move more and more to an era where human emotion rules the day and computers take care of more of the day-to-day activities it becomes critical that we have better communication with our prospects and clients. They are simply going to expect it from us. The winners of the future will be in touch with their clients. Those that struggle with this skill will struggle to succeed.

But how do we get there?

How do we up our game and become better communicators?

The key is going to be knowing our clients better and better. And that requires some technology and some knowledge. It’s not about data, it’s about a holistic knowing as Zita Fontaine pointed out in her comments to my article why personality assessments are a key to the future of business

That article gave a primer on why personality assessments are key. Now let’s get into some applied ways to use that knowledge.

You Have To Know At Least 1 System

Communicating better starts with knowing at least one personality assessment system. You don’t have to get certified or learn everything about the system. We are talking about a basic working knowledge.

But understanding how to grow people based on their actions will add great efficiency to your communications. Just roughly classifying people based on a rough understanding of a personality assessment system can do a lot for you, your sales and your effectiveness.

Understanding The Interactions Of Different Styles

The truth is that each different personality style likes different things and is comforted by different things. So we if understand who we are interacting with and what naturally comforts them we can do a lot to adjust our message to their liking.

As a simple example the DISC system divides people into four basic categories: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

A “Dominance” personality typically wants fast facts and quick answers whereas a “Conscientiousness” personality wants all of the facts and reasoning. You can see how you would present things in a drastically different way to one personality style versus another.

Collecting The Information

One of the challenges of personality assessments, in the real world – particularly the sales world, is that you need to be able to classify people. And while in an office setting you might be able to get everyone on your team to take a test this is not so in the external world.

While this challenge might cause some folks to throw up their hands and give up the truth is much progress can be made without a formal test.

Sticking with the DISC system we mentioned earlier as an example, if you get to know your prospect or client over time you might see where they might fall in the system from their actions. Every time they tell you a story or make a decision you’ll see how they act. And that will inform you how they might act in the future.

People that are good at the DISC system can quickly put others into the right bucket based on their actions.

Even getting close with a basic understanding can make a real difference in relationships and sales close rates.

Adjusting To Meet Your Client’s And Prospects Needs

All of this is about making an adjustment to how you interact based on your counter-party’s preferences. This isn’t about being fake. But if you know your prospect wants lots of detailed information – give it to them. And if you know your prospect just wants to make a decision quickly – let them do that.

The better you understand their wants and needs the better you can service them. And the more likely they are to come back to you for more help in the future.

Continuing The Knowledge And Growth

Getting good at using personality assessments is a process. It’s about building your knowledge and growing. A lot of it is about psychology.

You start your journey with one small step and allowing yourself to grow. I bet you might be surprised where you end up!

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