Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

I think we’ve all had the experience. We call into the credit card company, the cable company or other vendor and we end up endless cold menus.

And none of the menus lead us anywhere meaningful. The cold logic of the computer system – and whoever set-up the computer system – doesn’t answer our questions.

We aren’t heard.

And so go so much of business today. People want to be heard and felt. When they don’t they feel an emotion: anger.

But as we go through our days less and less do we interact with feeling, at least in the business world. The things we interact with: phone menus, online account portals, and other systems.

More doing. But no one is listening to us.

Sales Is Emotional

If you go to most any sales training course they’ll tell you this: selling is emotional. People buy based on their emotional needs.

Sure sales are often justified with logic “we needed that” but there is usually an emotional hook that starts the process. How you are going to feel when you get that new copier, you don’t have to beat on the old one and you and get home to your loved ones sooner.

So we start with the premise that people want to feel good about themselves and do business with people that make them feel good.

If we get better at emotions we get better at sales – and business.

More Systems, Less Emotions

And while the emotion of selling remains key more and more companies are implementing more and more systems. And more systems means less emotions in the process.

And this is where a big struggle comes in. The struggle for efficiency is undermining the core selling process. The more we get good at systems the less we play to our clients’ or potential clients’ emotions.

So we need to be thinking about this in our sales and business processes. How do we get more efficient without cutting out the human element? We should always be asking ourselves this.

And The Future Goes To…

As we evolve into the future of business we’ll see more and more of this tension between systems and emotions. Experts are already wondering if our computer systems can ever have emotions. This is important in ethical decision making, but also in sales.

Even today we are a long time from getting true emotions from computers. So we are seeing the world divide. Computers and systems are doing more and more of the logic work while humans are doing more and more of the emotional work.

And for the foreseeable future that’s what many experts expect.

And from all of the articles out there we are still a long time from having computers and AI that can understand human emotion.

So for now the humans that can understand emotions and connect them to systems?  We’ll be the ones that lead the future and benefit from the next wave.

So What Do We Do?

It is my firm belief that humans that want to own the future should be doubling down on learning skills of emotional intelligence.

We should be finding out how to relate with others and feel their emotions.

To take this to the next level we should tune into their personality styles and the personality styles of those they are communicating with. For more on that check out Communicating Better With Prospects and Personality Styles Are Central To The Future of Business.

What are you doing to embrace the future of business?  Join me in the comments to discuss.

By: The Our Shawn McBride, a speaker, trainer and consultant on The Future of Business, the host of The Future Done Right(TM) Show and long-time business attorney. If you want regular content on the future of business subscribe to get new blog posts from us here.

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