Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What do you need to know that is shaping or impacting the future of business?

I’ve started collecting and publishing the top articles that I encounter that touch on future of business. Check them out, enjoy, and comment below with your thoughts on the articles and other articles that you think are noteworthy for the future of business.

This is the May 28, 2019 edition. Follow me for future editions and other articles on the future of business.

#1 – What is Beauty?

Do we really know why beauty is? Tammy Hader explores what is beauty in this piece.

My personal reflection.

So much of “beauty” is what society says. And in reality a lot of people that are praised as beautiful on external appearance don’t do the inner work.

Beauty is a deeper concept. I’ve met a lot of people that are “beautiful” until a deeper examination is done when they fail to hold up to the light of reality.

#2 – Questioning Everything

Here’s a piece by Aloin Skitter talking about how we should question everything, including whether we should go to college.

She joins the growing chorus of people asking whether college is cost beneficial for all – and whether many of society’s paths are right for all of us.

#3 – How To Deal With Failure

In this piece by Jack Heimbigner he examines how he dealt with his plan for a book launch club not going to plan. And how he pivoted.

Great lessons for all of us that have to deal with things not going our way.

#4 – Smart Contracts and the Future of Law

In this article by Daniel Goldman looks at the future of law and smart contracts.

How smart contracts, lawyers and programmers will come together is yet to be seen. But based on my prior pieces on the potential liability of programmers it’s an area I am very interested in.

#5 – AI and Healthcare

In her piece Jun Wu examines some of the current and coming issues in AI and healthcare. Can we really have informed consent when we can’t understand all of the issues?  Dive in for an exploration.

#6 – Facebook and Fake Users

In a recent piece Michael K. Spencer pointed Facebook’s growing issue with fake users.   This can have broader implications on the company, it’s future and society.

#7 – How Tough Circumstances Can Lead To Big Things In Life

In this story The Life explores how her brush with death brought her something wonderful in life. I had to fight off crying for this one.

#8 – A Technology Cold War

In this piece Michael K. Spencer talks about the coming technology cold war between the world’s superpowers.

#9 – On Being Too Tough On Yourself

In this article Vanessa Torre examines being tough on yourself and excuses.

#10 – Culture Focus

Do you think about your culture much?  AirBnB does and Lenny Rachitsky shares some of their tools in this great article. He also shares a number of other great general management tips.

Looking forward to your comments on the articles below. Also please point out and great articles you are aware of that we should be reviewing.

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