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Dear Santa:

First, let me say “thank you” on behalf of your billions of fans and followers worldwide.

Today not even Donald J. Trump has as many people talking about him as you do – and that’s an accomplishment!

Christmas is your day and your amazing at it!  Since my childhood I’ve been amazing at your work. And today, years later, I am amazed along with countless other children and adults.

But I write to you not about the past, but about the future. We are in a changing world.

And I am hoping while you get ready for some much needed time off that you start thinking about 2020 and beyond. Working with business owners I know that most get caught in the trap of repeating cycles and not thinking about the future. The consequences can be dire.

And as we head into a new decade – the 2020’s – we know the world is different.

Here’s some ideas I’ve learned from working on or reviewing the plans of thousands of business owners. 5 key things you can think about for ensuring you remain the best in the world at what you do for 2020 and beyond.

Key #1: The Facts Are In Debate

There was a time when facts where facts.

Today, as we enter the 2020’s facts aren’t facts. I’ve even heard some people question your existence.

There was a simpler time when folks knew who they were and what was what. Today we have to prove ourselves again and again.

The trust just isn’t what it used to be.

What does that mean for you, Santa?  It means you have to be out there and proving yourself again and again. Your long track record means nothing!

We must prove the truth!

You have the brand and history to do it. But we have to know there are doubters and be ahead of them – not behind them.

Key #2: Change Is A Given

Not only are the facts in debate but the world and it’s values are changing.

On the Future Done Right™ Show I am constantly looking at change. And one lesson is clear from our scores of guests: if you don’t change the future is going to leave you in the dust.

Amazon has set-up a delivery service that is almost as effective of yours. Will they pass you?  Could you partner with them to teach them a thing or two?

While these seem like wild questions the key is that you, and other business owners, think about the changing world. Know change is coming and plan accordingly.

We don’t want another Sears, Kodak or Blockbuster on our hands.

Key #3: The Past Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

When I hear about the iconic brands – Nike, McDonald’s, Dallas Cowboys and Amazon – I rarely hear about yours.  (Side note: the Cowboys Brand is equally valuable in Dallas, Texas and other places yet the perception of how good the Cowboys are varies widely depending on where in the world you are – there’s another lesson buried in there.)

Yet the Santa brand is arguably more well known and valuable than any of those mentioned before.

But just having a brand doesn’t mean success. Most people are tuned into WIIFM all of time – “What’s In It For Me?”. And if you are relevant to them, now, they are moving on.

So we must build brands and businesses for the future.

Key #4: The Time To Shape The Future Is Today

If you ask my friend, Samson Williams, he’ll tell you the hardest part of being an overnight success is the first 10 years.

And if you look at today’s leaders they all have long histories. They set the trajectory to where they are today decades ago.

Where is the Santa brand and service going to be in 2030?  What can we do to shape it?

Key #5: Keeping An Eye To The Future Will Change Everything

And being a great success tomorrow is based on today. But to do that right you need a constant eye on the future.

It’s not a huge shift in the amount of work to do – but it does have huge shifts in the outcome. Just stopping to think and plan on what you want the future will look like, and what you can do today to get there, will make all of the difference.

So I encourage you, and the elves, to not think just about the requests for gifts on December 25, 2020 (which are surely already rolling in) but to think about what you, your team and your followers will be doing on December 25, 2050.

My Pledge

I am here for you Santa. I want you to remain the great leading brand you are.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me on LinkedIn or at my office in DeLand, Florida. I’d love for you to stop by so we can chat and work on building your vision for the future.

Together we can make a life you love more – and change the lives of those you care about too.

Is this the year Christmas changes for the future?  I sure hope so and I look forward to being part of your success!

By: The Our Shawn McBride, is the business nerd and long-time business attorney that focuses on changes of ownership in businesses. He works with business owners that know their business is about more than themselves to get ready for their future within the future of business through keynotes, training and personalized solutions. In furtherance of this he hosts The Future Done Right(TM) Show where he collects, digests and gives lessons and insights on The Future of Business. If you want regular content on the future of business subscribe to get new blog posts from us here.

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