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We are a little bit into the new year and you probably share – or will share soon – something in common with most people: you’ve blown your new year’s resolutions.

It’s OK – and I am going to show you why.

As a regular speaker on Time Magicment(™) I am often asked about getting things done and increasing productivity. And good time management seems to be at the base of all skills development.

But those that are really successful rarely can trace their big success to good new year’s resolutions. They do something different.

The truth is that most successful people work at constant improvement.

So stop crying about your blown new year’s resolutions. You can do more – and you still have the chance to start over.

Let’s jump into how the most successful think about change. And why new year’s resolutions – blown or not – make so little difference.

Tip 1: We Only Get 1 New Year’s Day (Per Year)

One of the biggest problems with traditional “new year’s resolutions” is that we only get one new year’s day per year. So all of the pressure is put on one day.

If you follow tradition you only get one chance, per year, to improve your life.

My facebook is already filled with people saying that they blew their resolutions and that 2021 will be their year.

There’s no reason for this. The reality, that the successful have discovered, is that there is no magic to New Year’s Day.

Tip 2: We Can Really Start Any Day

There’s nothing magic about New Year’s Day for starting over.

We can – and should – make changes on many other days of the year.

New habits can start on the 1st of any month. Or the 15th of any month.  Or on the 23rd of a month.

If we are going to really change our lives we should be looking for what we need to improve and start making changes and building new habits. We should do this regularly – as needed – all year long.

Tip 3: Adult Learning Takes Time (And Repeats)

As adults we have very strong habits in our systems. And most of our problems – and growth opportunities – come from rewiring those habits.

And you are likely going to fail in rewriting your habit. One study found that the average smoker tries 30 times to quit before they do so.

While that sounds frustrating it tells us just how many times we have to work at it to change adult habits.

So if January 1 wasn’t your magic date maybe February 4th will be.

And think about how far ahead of others you will be if you aren’t waiting for January 1 to start over.  You could, logically, make 50 or 100 upgrades while others are waiting for the next January 1 to roll around.

Tip 4: It’s OK to Get Help

Those that are really good as changing and improving often use a tool that few others do to make their changes happen and happen faster: others.

One way to make your changes – not just new year’s resolutions – stick is to get help in different forms. It might be a course, coaching or other outside advice.

Often for my clients my presence and oversight is what makes a difference.

And even though I help others make changes I often benefit from others helping me with habits. I often lean on my coaches and partners to keep me accountable to my changes – and helping me work through blocks.

Getting help may just speed up those changes and improvements you are making year round.

Tip 5: Constant Improvement Will Put You Way Ahead

Changing once a year can be huge. The truth is most people don’t do that.

So by getting one change done a year – even if it isn’t on January 1 – you’ll be differentiating yourself from others.

But what if you improve constantly?  Many times a year?

You’ll have the chance to get way ahead of others and be in a class of your own.

What To Do Now

If you are licking your wounds from blowing your January 1 resolutions take a break and re-examine.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to start over.

Find the help and support you need, set a goal, and start a new try.  And should you fail learn from that try and start again.

You can do this!  From working with many others I know we all can!

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