Photo of author, Our Shawn McBride. Author has permission to use.

Photo of author, Our Shawn McBride. Author has permission to use.

In my years of experience I’ve stumbled into something that works for every business I know of when applied: Doing Business Differently(™).

It’s so powerful that I walk the walk, and talk the talk of Do Business Differently(™) every day.

And it can have a huge upside for you.

Let’s take a few minutes and think about the philosophy of how we can Do Business Differently(™) and make it a huge part of our business success. I am so passionate about it that I call myself “The Ambassador of Do Business Differently(™)”. I will share with you why I feel so strongly about this.

And I want to challenge you to think about how you can Do Business Differently(™).

What Is Do Business Differently(™)?

Do Business Differently(™) is a trademark my company owns. But it so much more.

Do Business Differently(™) is a philosophy to find – and own – your uniqueness in business.

And it’s not about uniqueness to just be unique. Some could say that when they see me in my Do Business Differently(™) suits. To the outsider it could look like I am just wearing unusual suits to be unusual.

But for me, and my business, it’s much more. When I wear my Do Business Differently(™) suits I am wearing them to open a conversation about Doing Business Differently(™) and challenging others to do the same.

So Do Business Differently(™) is part of the lifeblood of your company. It’s part of your brand, your identity and your way of doing business. It’s that deep.

Why Would Anyone Care You Are Doing Business Differently(™)?

A great question is why would anyone care that you are Doing Business Differently(™). I mean come on — everyone is all tied up in themselves.

And this is true. No one cares about what Doing Business Differently(™) means to you. They care about what it means to them.

When I walk down the halls of a conference I am speaking at in a Do Business Differently(™) suite and people come up to talk to me and/or take photos with me I know it’s about them. They want the experience. They want the unusual.

And when clients see my Do Business Differently(™) message over and over and call to hire me it’s about the benefits to them. Believe me no one sees a guy dressing unusual and says “I need to do business with them now!” It forces the long relationship in the get to know you process.

And the same for you and your business. No one will care that you are Doing Business Differently(™) just because you are. But when that way that you Do Business Differently(™) connects to their mission: Bingo! They need you!

So people do care about the fact that you are different than other businesses. But they don’t care that you are different. They care that your difference brings them the benefits they need.

What Are The Challenges to Do Business Differently(™)?

Do Business Differently(™) has a lot of challenges to it.

First, it is difficult to stand out. When I unveiled the Do Business Differently(™) suits as a long-term part of my brand a lot of people fled. I lost a lot of friends, long-term business contacts and even some business partners.

Quite simply it was a shock to their system.

And sometimes it’s hard for me to “stand in my brand.” I know there are times when my brand is hurting me. When people aren’t doing business with me because I am different.

It’s definitely a huge challenge I think of regularly.

But then some clients want to hire me just because I do embrace the Do Business Differently(™) philosophy. They want that unique thinking and style to be injected into their business.

So it’s hard sometimes to be different. But it can have real benefits to your business.

How Do You Become Able To Do Business Differently(™)?

One of the biggest challenges, when I speak to others about how to Do Business Differently(™) is how to be able to do it.

It takes a good deal of confidence to stand out and be unique in business.

Almost everyone is going to advise you to be like everyone else. There seems to be this draw in business to “standards” and being like everyone else.

It takes nerve to stand out!

But like most things this muscle can be built over time. You can learn to stand in your uniqueness one experience at a time.

When you really stand out you will get some abuse. And that’s OK. The key is to know why you are doing what you are doing and why your uniqueness adds so much value to your ideal customer.

Stay focused on that and you’ll remain grounded to ride out the storm. And it will get easier with time.

Where Do You Start?

So you are probably saying “this is all well and good, Shawn, but where to do I start?”

Great question.

The first key to capitalizing on the challenge to Do Business Differently(™) is to find the uniqueness you want to focus on. This usually takes time and understanding yourself and your business. Don’t rush this.

Once you know what your uniqueness is they think about how you are going to express it in a way that makes sense for your customers.

And when you do it you’ll probably want some support and encouragement. Comment below and reach out. Let’s help each other be unique and different and find our ways to Do Business Differently(™).

You can also come hang out in my new Facebook Group.

By: The Our Shawn McBride, is the business nerd and long-time business attorney that focuses on changes of ownership in businesses. He works with business owners that know their business is about more than themselves to get ready for their future through keynotes, training and personalized solutions. In furtherance of this he hosts The Future Done Right(TM) Show where he collects, digests and gives lessons and insights on The Future of Business. If you want regular content on the future of business subscribe to get new blog posts from us here.

You’ll quickly notice his unusual suits which he uses open the conversation of how businesses should Do Business Differently™.

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