Picture of audience at event. Image by Mari Smith from Pixabay

Image by Mari Smith from Pixabay

Not every business strategy is for everyone.

But if you are expert – truly and expert at something – I suggest you start mixing speaking and training into your business.

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this. And there is a good reason why.

Speaking and training can be the most powerful networking you can do.

And I have yet to find anything – other than perhaps writing – that is as time efficient for getting the word out about who you are.

So let’s jump into the ins and outs of adding speaking and training to your business.

Note 1: You Must Truly Have Expertise

You shouldn’t be out speaking and training if you don’t have expertise. Sadly a few folks haven’t figured that out and make a bad name for others.

Now you don’t have to be the world’s leading expert in a field to have true expertise to share. You don’t have to be a star and nationally known. Some people take it too far in the other direction.

Knowing how an industry works is a form of expertise. Knowing how you grew your business is an expertise. Knowing how to keep customers happy is an expertise.

You shouldn’t overthink your level of expertise. You wanting to get exposure and build your business isn’t an expertise. But a lot of stuff you know probably is. Know what you bring the audience and make sure you can do it well before you accept any speaking engagement.

Benefit 1: People Want To Know What You Know

Assuming you do have expertise, then I can guarantee you that people want to know what you know. They want it for their purposes. 

And they are willing to listen to you to get that expertise.

So you can see the trade going on here. You help others by speaking or training on your expertise and they listen to you.

Now having others listen to you is good for many people’s egos. But there are a lot of other benefits that come from it too.

Benefit 2: You Have To Polish Your Expertise

One of the biggest benefits of sharing your expertise – and this is rarely mentioned – is that when you prepare for speaking to others, or training, you polish your expertise every time.

Every time I go through my materials to prepare slides, prepare handouts or outline my speech I am forced to revisit my expertise. I have to think about why things are the way they are. I also have to think about how to explain it.

So every time I am engaged to give a speech I become a better expert. And that in turn gets me more speeches and business opportunities. And you can see how the cycle goes.

Benefit 3: You Become A Hub Of Information

Another amazing thing happens when you speak. People ask you questions and tell you about their experiences.

Almost every time you speak you will learn something new in your area of expertise. I generally speak on things I have years of experience with – and without fail every time I speak to a quality audience someone in that audience will tell me a new story that confirms and adds to my knowledge or teaches me about some sub-sub-sub-subset of my expertise I didn’t know about.

After a while of speaking and training you start to become an index to other people’s information.

Benefit 4: People Really Get To Know You

When you speak all eyes are on you. If you do it right everyone (or almost everyone) should be paying attention to you. While those of us that are shy – and I can be sometimes – may find this difficult until we gain comfort it is a great benefit.

If you are truly being you and showcasing your expertise people will be getting to know you and your expertise.

And unlike websites, brochures and other marketing in this case seeing is believing. They know you have the expertise because they saw and heard it.

Plus they get to know you and your personality and style.

Benefit 5: Filtered Networking

That getting to know you effect leads to a big benefit of speaking – filtered networking. Members of your audience are getting to know you and your expertise and deciding if it’s a fit for the help, consulting or partnerships they are envisioning in their future.

And the great thing is they are doing the work for you. They decide if you fit or not.

So when they walk up to you or call you after your speech they already have determined the two of you are likely a fit to do business together. So you are in the position of getting to decide if you can help them much sooner than in any other type of marketing.

What To Do Now

So if your interest in speaking and training is up go try it a few times. If your interest remains high keep doing it and get a coach to improve and refine what you are doing.

Speaking isn’t for everyone. But for some of us it’s a path to success like no other.

I would love to see you at the speaker’s dinner at a future conference. Or maybe we can plan something together. I’ll be waiting for your call since you already know me better than I probably know you. 🙂

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