Picture of globes in hands implying culture. Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Image by John Hain from Pixabay


It is perhaps the most important thing in the long-term growth of your business: culture.

And culture is the result of strong, intentional efforts.

But culture can come from small things too.

I was recently listening to a radio program and the host suggested listeners buy their newsletter and put it on the coffee table in their home so their guests would see and learn about their values. The host also argued it was a safe way for guests to possibly embrace the host’s philosophy and beliefs.

It made me think about how we can “seed “ our culture so that it expands.

Here’s a few ideas we can use in our businesses.

Idea 1: Educational Materials

As the radio host suggests having materials in your home or office that showcase who you are and what you believe in is a great idea.

Not only does it reinforce who you are to those that are in your space it is also a point where they might learn more about what you believe in.

To the extent there are people or philosophies you really believe in why not show them to those that believe in you?

Idea 2: Markers of Culture

When someone is in your home or office they are generally going to be looking around.

This is a great opportunity to add markers of your culture, particularly on the walls or tables.

What sayings do you believe in? What philosophies do you uphold?

This is a great chance to show the things you believe in so others can see them. Get signs, plaques or nice print-outs showing your core values.

Idea 3: Living It

Often we learn by example from others. Ask any parent and you’ll find their children tend to mirror some of their habits.

We do the same with our leaders in business.

If you are leading a business others will be watching you. What you do will set an example.

So if your followers see you actually doing something they will do it too. It sets the culture.

When you do the right things others want to do it too. And when you do the wrong things…well…

Idea 4: Invitations Into The Culture

It’s a good idea to invite others into your culture. Invite them to do the things you believe in.

I invite those around me to be extreme too. I want them working hard and accomplishing big things – just like I do.

Think about how you can expand your culture by inviting others to be part of it.  Maybe that’s events, or shared experiences.

Idea 5: Natural Next Steps

You can also bring others into your culture as a next step in their progression of working with you or being associated with you.

In my businesses I am very clear about who I work with. And some percentage of people decide they want to work with me.

And when they decide to work with me there is another chance for me to show my culture to them.

What To Do Next

Building a culture takes hard work and intentional effort.

Look at these tips and determine what might work in your business to increase the reach of your culture.

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