Picture of one pawn talking to another. Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

I don’t think we focus enough on communication in business.

Not the micro version of communication. There’s a lot of attention on that. In fact one conference I was planning with told me they were overwhelmed with “communication” speakers.

And, yes, despite the abudance of attention on micro communication we should all be working to improve our one-on-one communication.

But what’s been lost in the shuffle is real communication, or what I am calling “MarcoCommunication.” Communication on the big scale. The communication that makes us human.

Communication is a key to human existence. It’s why we, as humans, control this plant (Yuval Harari does a great job covering this in his amazing book, Sapiens).

And communications are a key to business. Not just the one-on-one communications, but the big communications. Society changing communications.

#1 – Communications Is Big Business

Humans communicating is big business. It’s what the internet, cell phones, cable companies and online streaming are all about.

It’s often missed just how much time – and money – is spent on the process of communication.

The truth is that each of our brains is only so good. It’s by connecting a lot of human minds together that we do big things.

And takes a lot of money, and infrastructure, to get us communicating better.

Removing that friction of getting ideas from one human to another is critical to our success as a species.

It also creates big business opportunities. Those that can communicate important information to others at a lower cost with less friction control market opportunities.

If you are looking for your next big business opportunity think about this!

And the biggest companies get it. They are investing billions of dollars to keep improving communication networks.

#2 – Communications Isn’t Discussed Enough

I see a lot of folks talking about the micro version of communications. Go to any conference and there’s surely a session on how to communicate better.

But few people talk about the marco version of communications. What are we communicating? How are we perceived? How are we exchanging information?

These are all key parts of running a great business. Yet few are talking about it or paying attention to it.

It’s something that leading businesses need to bring front and center.

#3 – Good Communications Is Key To Leadership

Leadership is about communication. And part of that communication is what I am referring to as micro communication. A manager sitting one-on-one with his or her sales team. A CEO doing the same with their executive team.

But a lot of communication for leadership is macro. Setting a tone for the future. Communicating who you are and what you believe in.

Some would call this Public Relations or branding. And those are probably appropriate thoughts as to what this is.

If you are going to lead you need to communicate a variety of things: boundaries, terms of engagement and expectations.

#4 – A True Communications Strategy Will Change Your Business

Most businesses don’t have a communications strategy. Most of them “get by” by happenstance or doing what has worked in the past.

But those that are strategic about make big impacts. What do you really want people to know about your business? What do you want them to think?

While these questions seem big they are something you can control.

Others may not be doing it but you can have a MacroCommunications strategy. You can set the tone for what your business is and what you stand for. And that tone – brand if you will – will impact how your business grows and develops.

#5 – The Way You Communicate Is A Board-Level Issue

What you are communicating – and what your brand is and stands for – is a big part of your business.

It’s one that most businesses aren’t thinking about – and it could be a key to your competitive advantage.

The decision is so big it should be done at a high level. It should be done by your executive leadership and top level advisors. While this group won’t be doing much of the actual communication they should be setting the strategy, tone and parameters.

To let your communication strategy, when it is so critical to your business, to be set at a lower level would be a huge mistake.

What To Do Next

If you are like most businesses you haven’t thought much about MacroCommunication. And that might be a good thing. You have an untapped opportunity.

Take some time to think about what you want your brand to be and how you want to be known.

Then work on how to build a communication strategy to match that.

One step at a time and you can claim a huge advantage that few businesses have claimed.

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