Picture with random disordered lines and person in middle. Image by Maddy Mazur from Pixabay

Image by Maddy Mazur from Pixabay

It is probably the grossest simplification ever and obvious but consumers are changing their behavior.

And this has big impacts on us as business owners and leaders.

We must adapt our businesses to this round of changes and the ones that will follow.

How you prove yourself and how you win the hearts and minds of those that will give you their hard earned money is no longer the same.

Let’s look at what’s happening and how it’s impacting us.

#1: Bigger Isn’t Better

It used to be that there was a “safety” with big companies. But those days seem to be eroding.

In fact many consumers are frustrated with big brands.

So the goal of being big and having consumers trust you due to that size are gone.

On the other hand there is a lot of opportunity available for companies, regardless of size to earn trust, and in turn business, from consumers.

#2: Consumers Are Looking Deeper

It used to be that marketing copy and fliers could win the day. At some point in the past consumers would actually listen to the brands they interact with.

Fast forward to today when trust is much lower. Consumers might listen to you and your message as a starting off point. But things like online reviews, articles and other information about your business are going to be important factors in your business.

From a marketing and branding standpoint this means more and more businesses are spending time and energy on what others say about them with less focus on their direct outbound message.

Good marketing, today, is often about getting other trusted persons and influencers to say great things about you.

#3: General Advertising Isn’t What It Used To Be

With this shift just generally putting your name out there isn’t what it used to be.

Now it’s about getting trust and following that is tuned into your message.

Unless you are massive and cover a broad range of buyers general mass messages about your business are going to go nowhere.

The key to success, these days, is getting focused messages to the right people at the right time.

#4: Brands Mean More

And while advertising (generally) isn’t what it used to be branding is where the action is.

When customers are looking deeper (as discussed above) what matters is who they think you are. In other words, your brand.

It is key that you get your brand message tight and consistent. Tell people who you are, what you do and what expertise you have regularly (without being crazy about it).

The brand is what drives business in days when consumers are more skeptical. They want to know that they are buying something they believe in.

#5: Deeper Alignment Is Needed

The key used to be getting something done for a customer and getting it done well.

Now it’s about more. It’s about alignment. How all of the pieces fit together.

As part of knowing you can get the job done from your brand consumers also want to feel connected to that brand. We see more and more cases where consumers are proud of their suppliers. And that’s a win-win. Your consumer gets a deeper emotional experience and you often get free advertising.

What To Do Next

Your whole marketing and branding strategy needs to be adjusted based on this new reality. That means taking more time to communicate who you are and getting people to believe it.

Work with your marketing staff to spend less time on just getting your brand known and spend more time on getting your brand known for sometime.

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