Picture of man jumping from one point to another.  Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you are like me you are probably wondering what happened in the last month.

Sometimes I wake up and ask myself if this has been some extended dream.

The chantings of Coronavirus seem unreal. So much of our business world has changed in the last 6 weeks.

But at some point we have to get back to work.

My area of focus is business plans. Through my legal practice I started working with folks to develop their business plans. Eventually that became a speaking and consulting practice.

This is not the first disruption I’ve seen.

So let me share my insights with you on getting back to work after a set-back like this.

#1 – It’s OK to Assess

I usually write regularly for Medium.com. However if you follow my account or my publication you’ll notice I’ve been quiet for almost a month.

Why would I go quiet for a month when I made a commitment to publish an article everyday this year?

Because I had to assess. I’ve been deeply engaged for the last month. I’ve read so much on public health and on business.

All of this was in an effort to assess.

I lost some time to shock, disbelief and processing. And I am sure you did too.

Regardless of how you’ve spent your Coronavirus time it’s OK to assess where you are and where you are headed.

#2 – Your Plans Have Changed

I can say one thing with almost 100% certainty – your plans have changed.

Whatever your business plans were for 2020 and beyond they are different now.

For some, like restaurants, it’s operational changes.  For some, like entertainment, your business might be shut down.

And even for those that were deemed “essential” their businesses have changed.

Most folks have done less business than before the virus hit. Some have done more.

Regardless of where you are your plans have changed.

It’s OK to rip up those old plans and make new ones.

So face reality and don’t put round pegs in square holes.

Some entire industries – like live events – have changed forever. It’s OK to admit the world changed. And it’s OK to change your plans. Even mid-stream. It may be more justified than ever.

#3 – Starting New Plans

Along with rewriting your plans it’s OK to start new plans.

Some of us may have enough information to make new plans now. Many of us don’t.

A lot of us don’t know when this will end or how things will shift.

But it’s not too soon to be making new plans. For many of us part of the plan needs to be collecting information on how to make new plans.

Let me tell you how I am shifting part of my business.

For those that know me know a lot of my business comes from appearing in-person in front of people. And that’s usually at live events where I am a speaker.

Well that business is on hold. And I don’t know for how long.

I don’t even know what the event industry will look like in the near future.

So what do I do?

Should I just sit around and wait?

While it’s one option I don’t think it’s the best option. And I don’t think it helps me in the long term.

So I am collecting information on the future of events. Alongside Deirdra Watson who has a long history in the events industry I’ll be rebooting my Best In Events! Youtube Channel and interviewing folks in the events industry to see where things are going.

This project will help others. It will also enable me to figure out what might be next for events. And that, in turn, will allow me to update my plans.

This is the start of a new plan for me. I’ll collect information and come up with a new plan.

What can you do to make a new plan? What would get the process started for you?

#4 – Survive For Tomorrow

If we are going to be successful in the future of business we have to be there.

And for many out there getting to the tomorrow of business is key.

If you find yourself in your situation you need to survive for tomorrow before you and plan to thrive.

Figure out what you are great at. What services or products do you offer that the market needs now? How can you pivot?

Between the government money that is out there and tweaks to your business how can you get to tomorrow?

What can you do today to pay the bills?

Many of the laws I have seen on “essential businesses” allow businesses to change to start offering essential services and products. How can you make such a shift to bring money in?

#5 – Building New Plans

As clarity comes it is time for new plans.

For me I am starting to see the fog lift and I am getting new clarity on the future. Your clarity might be farther away.

Wherever clarity is coming from use it to build new plans.

Toss the old plans if they no longer work. Or if the old plans still fit, rewrite or rework them.

It’s time for new plans. Build them and start working them.

The whole market had a reset. This is opportunity in disguise. Get after it!

#6 – Doubling Down On What Works

In all of your planning there should be a theme of doubling down on what works.

Some of the stuff you did pre-Coronavirus probably doesn’t work any more.  And that’s OK.

But what is working? What skills and abilities do you have that the market can use more of?

In my world I know the world needs to update their planning. Some folks will need a consultant or coach for that.

I am lucky that the core of my business value added is still there.

But the way of marketing it has changed.

Other industries may not be so lucky.

Dig deep and see what you have in you that still works in this new world and double down on that.

#7 – Giving Yourself Permission To Let Go

With all of this it’s OK to let go.

You may have been working for years on your business or a part of your business and Coronavirus may have killed it.

If this is true for you let go.  It’s OK. It’s a loss you can grieve.

We didn’t ask for the world to change but it did. Let go.

What To Do Now

Now is the time for new plans. Talk to your friends and advisors. Don’t be afraid to rewrite.

Put time into planning your plan. Start now updating your plan or finding your path to making your plan.

I’d love to be part of that – as I think we are all in this together. I’ll be publishing more on this on both Medium.com and in my Facebook Groups. Come hang out and join the conversation with me and other business owners and leaders – so we can work through this together.

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