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Planning and goals are important.

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Hey everyone to it’s The Our Shawn, welcome to another edition of the Future Done Right™ Show. Today we have Amy fullmer joining us. We’re gonna be talking about dealing with setbacks. Those of you tune into the show regularly.Know that we take a broad view of the future of business and what I think we talked a lot about is owning your destiny.taking control of where you’re going. But part of that is you’re going to have setbacks. There’s going to be difficult. These problems are going to arise along the way.And Amy works with a lot of people on really dealing with that and we’ll get into her story here in a little bit.And how she knows so much about it, but she’s got some great lessons for us. I think it’s important that we stop either for yourself or maybe somebody you know that’s dealing with some setbacks.Holiday move past it, how they keep moving forward. And what do we do with that.For those of you don’t know me as well. I’m Dr. Sean I’m a corporate lawyer by training I help people with ownership and control their business and my day job. So that’s mergers that’s capital raises partnership agreements.contract negotiations and all that gets me into planning.And the future of business, which is where the future done right show came from is to give business owners and business leaders like yourself.Ideas about the future of business so that you can plan better and make better plans at work.That’s our dedication on the show we love your comments as we get talking to me today about what you’re hearing which are learningA what you need us to cover in the future. We just want to know what’s going on in your world. So we get to in the content in it.So, drop the comments, wherever you’re watching like Dr. Sean McBride cancer is a Facebook future drown right on YouTube.Might be one of our LinkedIn feeds wherever you’re at. We want to hear from you. So, let us know. We want to know what’s going on.One quick reminder. I always like to say is we don’t do investment advice. We don’t do legal advice on the show for those items, consult your own advisors.Everything here is just for your education, just give you some ideas to help improve your business that you can consult with your specific advisors for your specific situation. So Amy, welcome to the show. Thanks for joining me thatYeah. Hi, Sean. Thank you for having me.I think this is such an important topic, you know,And part of its just the social stigma around it. Part of it’s just the reality of where we’re headed in the world. I mean, everybody’s going to have setbacks at different times in our lives right soMuch. Tell us a little bit about that. I mean, you know, why is this so important. And you know what can we do about this and how can we prepareWell, Sean. I’ve had horrific setbacks and I think anyone who lived any type of life has had setbacks, it goes with life, um, you know, I think the big thing.Is people seem to feel like if they’ve had setbacks. There’s something wrong or they did something wrong, but I have found that personally and professionally.My setbacks have been my greatest teachers. Yeah.And I know that’s a really hard pill to swallow. So, you know, for your audience. I’ve a really interesting background. I’ve been director of recruitment at future tech staffing out in Los Angeles for 23 years and we are you know one of the leaders in the it engineering staffing space.And we’ve done that, you know, for a long, long time. I’m very proud of our work we’ve dealt with Fortune 50 companies and tiny, tiny, tiny, small companies across the United States. So that’s one foot in one camp. Yeah, I’mIn 2014 my only child died.And since that time I’ve written a book that is a selling globally. I work with many bereaved parents. My work is followed now in over 50 countries. Yeah, about what happens next.So,I’ve got one foot in a very heartfelt personalSure. I mean, because I think the death of a child is the ultimate setback. And then, of course, owning a business, you know, it’sA ROLLER COASTER, yes.I mean just part, you know, business owner setback. I mean, that’s just the way it goes. And it’s how you recover from thoseYou know, so anybody who’s sitting behind a business desk for 2025 years I have a lot of respect forYeah, maybe because there are ups and downs, there’s good times. Bad times I’m big about planning. That’s my whole world is building and executing business plans.But the reality is the business plans don’t always execute the way we play. And then of course life like props up. I mean you you’ve had some major life events, you know, death of a family member.You know that that will adjust things. And so I think part of it is people just need to be realistic and understand that. Right. I mean, it’s good to have plans. I want people planning, but you also have to understand you may have to adjust your plans on a moment’s notice.Yes, absolutely. And that is often first and foremost an internal process, people think, oh, just my plans you get my business plan out and you know starts going through the list, butI, I’m not sure it works that simply I think you’ve got to go inside your head and regroup reset.I know I did that with my business after my son died. I made a lot of changes just because the person where I was adding that point in my life, what I’ve been doing up until that point needed to be modified to suit my new path that I was onYep.And there was no playbook for that. Shawn, there was just no playbook.right i mean it’s it’s a re experimentation and i think i think there’s aThere’s a lesson there, right. So people if you’re in a situation, you have something major happen or maybe you’re watching this video, you’re thinking about a friend that just recently had something major happens. Yeah. Feel free to forward it toTalk to him. But if something major happens. You’ve got to step and kind of reevaluate your footing re evaluate your values and you gotta go back to fundamentals.Oh, absolutely. But the cool thing is that at least I foundWell, my situation so peppered with grief and drowning and grief.That it was hard for me to get my equilibrium, butThe really cool thing is is when you go back to zero you really never go back to zero.Right.Because you can take with you. I took and gathered so much business knowledge on my little trail. Yeah, huge success and huge failure. Yeah, I mean,I haveamaze lessons are cumulative right i mean it’s it’s the simulation of lessons the accumulation of life experiences and then it all comes together, like you say you don’t win, even when you restart your started. We’re different place because you have that wisdom.And that’s absolutely. And that’s where I think kind of the unexpected kicker ofI mean it’s happening to me again right now. I mean, things are happening and I just didn’t expect them. And I was like, You know what, it’s all those years of my knowledge andCertainly, I could haveNever made it through what I made it through being younger and not having the knowledge that I had it just what I would, it would have crushed. Yep.So, you know, let’s talk about the business reality of it. I mean you and I talked about this on the phone, a little bit, but you have a death of a close loved one, you know, sign up here, whatever.And you know your your values shift and your focus on business ships, right. So what do you do with that one. Well, I’ll give you plenty of a drill downOn myOutlook with my clients now.I don’t have a lot of time to waste. When you lose a first degree family member, meaning you know spouse sister, brother parent of which I’ve lost. Um, you realize. Life is short. So you know what I would put up with from clients 10 years ago 15 years ago I just won’t do it anymore shownRight. See, so changes your value changes your thinking on time usage and we work withExactly. And on the flip side, I’m a lot more tolerant for the herbs factor, you know, in staffing wonky things happen with candidates.And because you know grief is so humbling and so humbling.I don’t get as upset when they say oh you know i i didn’t get your message. I was out of cell range and, you know, you’re, you’re in negotiations on a top level job and you’re down two hours and they decide to go hiking with their cell phone.And they don’t you know think that you’re going to call back with a counteroffer and we have to make a decision by close of business that day.Yeah, and it was just a human thing. It happens and it’s odd, because I’ll have a little bit more tolerance for the, oops factor. Now,The personal component, but yet on other levels. I just don’t have the tolerance. If I feel people are really wasting time playing games, trying to negotiate trying to pull a fast one, I can see right through it. And so I just cut right to the chase, and I think it’s a good thing.Well, it’s huge, you know, we hear other people bring this up in other contexts, you bring it up from Cabo grief loss life perspective way butA lot of us business owners have found that it’s it’s very good for us to filter clients right and toHave those I guess for boundaries is probably the best term for it right of, you know, I’m not going to deal with people who are constantly indecisive, they don’t know, they want theirYou know, shopping 10 other lawyers in my legal practice, you know, at some point, it’s very enough’s enough, you know,And you don’t waste your time on things.You know, absolutely. And I think the word boundaries is a good idea. Yeah. Um, and it’s very interesting too because I’m at the, you know, the older end of the work scale generation andYou know a lot of my clients. Our clients are millennials in the human resources departments and young fresh people coming into the game andIt’s really interesting. There is a dynamic of the generations. Yes, and things that they think are acceptable. I just don’t so you, you do have to bend with that as well, you know,So maybe your old school filtering system won’t work with millennials, where will work with let’s say you and I were doing a deal.Right.There was a monkey business, I would say, Sean, you know, you deal with me here, you know, and I would just call you out, whereas young people. Sometimes I just don’t, I’m not really sure they even know what they don’t knowYeah, yeah, it’s been it’s a different culture and different style certainly right andThat’s something comes up a lot in business. I think all of us are dealing with the challenge of how do you blend all these generations, the otherThat are working together we have older generations that are still hanging into the workforce and then we’ve got younger generations that think radically different. And we all got to come to the table and somehow figure out how to get stuff done. Right, right.And I think that’s going to go on for a while because the Baby Boomers aren’t going to be able to afford to retire.Right baby boomers are hanging around for a while.Um, you know, Latinos obviously have a huge population number. If you look at the graph, you know, they’re going to pass the baby boomers and population at some point here. The next five to 10 yearsAnd so, you know, they’re going to dominate the workforce here soon. And then we still got, you know, generation coming after the Millennials who have even radically different styles from the blendExactly. And then of course you’ve got technology which i mean i I’m speechless. I’m speechless, and it’s getting more and more and more.I mean, with the advent of AI.We’re doing a lot of that right now. And that’s revolutionising our business in a very positive way.But, you know, there’s so many new things, the blockchain coming online.I mean, what we’re going to see in the next two, three years is going to be extraordinary, extraordinary. I think if the older people don’t keep up with technology. I think you’re going to be a little bit washed out.Well, that’s definitely a concern, you know, in our theme today is dealing with setbacks with dealing with loss dealing with disruption. And I think there’s a lot of people that are going to have setbacks loss disruption from technology because this stuff is comingYou know, I was on a radio show a couple months ago and the host was asking about, you know, what do you doWhen you know for people that just don’t want to learn new skills. Well, for some people it’s not really an option. Right. Some of the baby boomers that are sitting out there trying to make it through retirement.You know, the technology may change before they get to retirement their job may be eliminated. Well,Check this out shoveling undoing a huge body of work right now in crypto and because crypto sits on the blockchain. Sure. Um, andListen, I’m not a financial advisor. I’m just business owner, but the reason why I’m studying up so hard on it.Is because I believe in the next year two, maybe three very rapidly. We are going to move toOnline electronic wallets. Yeah. And he got currency is going to become less. I mean, the ideas of people walking around with VR in their wallets. Yeah.Or businesses B2B, you know me writing you a check for services. I’m just going to log on to whether it’s my Coinbase Bitcoin account or my JP Morgan coin account and I’m going to transfer to you outside of the central banking system. Yes.And then you’ll get it in and you’ll log into your account. You’ll say, Well, she paid me and and JP Morgan coins, but I’m going to transfer that to my theory and wallet orWhatever it is.You want to do, but that stuff is sophisticated and I’m getting out in front of it because I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar. When I remember this when I first got into recruiting, there was the thermal faxes and there was no PCs.And they came online. Oh, I mean, I was relying on how to work email. I know I was a young mother at the time I was a single mother doing juggling, and IRemember thinking. Can I just fax this resume and the clients like know we it’s got to go into our ETS system. And I didn’t even know what that was. So now I’m getting out in front of it, because I do think this electronic money and it’s going to affect all of us.Well, a lot of us think it’s coming you know we do some segments on the future done right show about cryptocurrency blockchain is one of our regular topics, you know, and theThe stuff has the potential of change a lot. And there’s a lot of people that are in denial. I know people that are like, Well, you know, it’s still not there yet it’s still not working, you know, obviously cryptocurrency hasn’t hitCritical Mass yet, but I like you see the day coming because there’s reasons for it. Right. There’s reasons why.Big retailers want to use blockchain to track their inventory of this natural to layer cryptocurrency on top of that.So if you get big players using crypto currency, then their suppliers need to use cryptocurrency and then what do you do those cryptocurrency. Well, you’re probably gonna buy stuff in it for a triple should a whole market. So when it comes, it makes a lot of change.Well, the adoption on the thing about technology again because I saw thisThroughout my IT career when things happen. They happen fast. I mean overnight, like all of a sudden it’s like, Whoa, where did this come from, right. Um, and so, talk about a setback.All the companies that are not prepared to deal with electronic money because I feel if and when it comes, it’s going to come online so fast it’s going to take a lot of people off guard. And that’s going to be a setback for them.I think, yeah, it can be a huge setback. And that’s, you know, while the reasons we talked about so much more shows. Because we anticipateThere’s going to be a lot of people that are dealing with change in some way, shape, or form. And this stuff, you know, you’re either ahead of the curve. Are you behind the curve.Obviously we’re trying to get people to be planning and proactive and ready to go, becauseYou don’t want to be surprised when suddenly you know everybody else’s using cryptocurrency and now you’re at a competitive disadvantage because you can’t. We don’t have a system in place whereExactly, exactly. So, you know, so we gotta, we gotta plan and I mean I guess that’s a form of loss to just knowing right now that sitting in the same place is not safe and secure andThere was a time maybe 10 1520 years ago where a lot of people could be complacent in their businesses.And you would you would hold one for a while, but now with technology changing so fast that demands changing so fast. I think a lot of people have lost that security. Right. We’re all on the treadmill and we’ve got to keep up because if we don’t want to fall byWell, you know, I’ll take it one step farther andWe’llWe will never our lives will never be will never see what we saw before.And I’m already morning. It’s going to be sad. I can’t go to the bank and get cash and walking pay cash at Starbucks.You know, in Sweden, they’re putting chips under the phones right now, young people just walk in swipe their thumb they bend them right under the skin. Wow.And that’s their like their debit cards they got today. Yeah. And they don’t. I mean, they think it’s so backwards to even think about using Apple Pay or something, right.Because it’s embedded. Yeah.Yeah, so I’m already logged morning my simple life system, you know, even just writing business checks anymore. We write so few business checks.Yes.Which is why I’m a proponent of or very interested. I should say in cryptocurrency because to move money from country to country is expensive and it has to go through about five different Cleary banks. Yeah. And with crypto. It happens in about five seconds.Yes, there’s a lot of efficiency to it, you know, the smart contracts do that. Maybe we’ll talk about layered on top of it is justRather than having a contract and then having accounts payable department accounts receivable department, something happens to the contracts and we’ve got to go. Remember toSend the payment payment needs to be sent needs to be followed up on you know the concept is smart contract you trigger an event and that event just sends the money cryptocurrency goesThat speed things up a lot that takes away a lot of the repetitive work that’s out there and tour for people doing the repetitive work though, you gotta be ready to make a change, because at some point, there will be as many accounts receivable and accounts payable people becauseWell, to believe it is the name of the game. And I think that goes with, you know, when you talk about loss. You talk about bouncing backAnd really theAdoption and I believe that with all these shutdowns, and I know it’s hard. If you’re an online manufacturing engineering. Your job has been outsourced to China.I saw so much of that in Miami and it’s very heartbreaking. But I do think that people can adopt and I think there’s opportunity and I think that’s part of the game.Exactly. Well, that’s what we’re encouraging people to do right is to get ahead of the ball.You know, last, you know, unexpected events are going to happen as we started the show. And that’s kind of a nice area of expertise andDefinitely want to encourage you to check out her book and get get to know her stuff. And we’ll ask her about that a minute butGet to know the get to get to know about how the last of those things are going to come. But to the extent you can avoid it. Get ahead of things that these lots of things don’t happen to you.Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And then also just study you know I study about an hour a day on blockchain and crypto. Now, you know, keeps your brain. Go and it keeps you on top of things right soAmy, I know you have your book out there. I know you work with people much tell people how they can check out your work, how they can get ahold of you get your book.So I’m my resources that I send all grieving people and primarily my drill down body of work is bereaved parentsHowever, the principles of grief are the same. So if you’ve lost a, you know, first every family member, a dog, a cat and job.If you go to my website. Amy That’s a lie. If you l m e you can access my free survival checklists that are on there and available.My Facebook author page also has a lot of content about grieving loss videos, things like that. Yeah, you can reach out to me directly through my website. I do work directly with people as many as I can, as much time as I have. That’s very rewarding.We just need a little light and to show the way because our society doesn’t teach us how to grieve. There’s no playbook for that either.Right in there and there’s just something we don’t talk about enough right as we’re going along, there’s just not enough conversation about dealing with grief dealing with loss, everybody.Like you said, they like to compartmentalize let’s pretend like it doesn’t happen. So I think opening the conversation is going to help a lot of people soRight, go check out Amy’s resources get familiar with the pass them along to your friends. I mean, that happened recently with me is one of my friends all Amy’s work and then inquired. So, you know, spread the message that she’s out there and she can help people.For those of you viewing. I’d like you to take a moment pat yourself on the back for doing the hard work, investing in yourself thinking about he’s been called issues before they become biggerYou’re the ones are going to own the future of business because you’re making the investments.Want to remind you drop your comments, wherever you’re watching and then go over to future done right, cause your past episodes, your upcoming guests get on our email list for some insider tips and tricks.And, you know, subscribe to the future done right YouTube channel so that you can see these videos as they pop up, Amy. Thanks for making some time for us today as a lot of fun. And I think I learned a lot.More one question for you. Yes. Where did you get your jacket.ordered it online. So I had my alarm. I do business differently jacket says tune in to the show regularly, they’ll see this but a order online. I always try to wear something just a little different encouraged people think about it can be unique and different business.I like it. Yeah. Cool.Well, thanks for joining me today means a lot.Thank you. Bye.



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