Look To The Future To Avoid A Second Round Of Pain

I know a lot don’t want to hear it, but the time to act is now.

A lot of business are making a big mistake right now and it’s going to lead to more pain down the line.

What issues are we seeing?

What should you be doing now to avoid more pain later?

Join host The Our Shawn McBride for another edition of the Future Done Right(TM) YouTube Show

A machine transcript of the show:

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The Our Shawn: Hey everyone, it’s our Sean McBride with you want to talk with you today about something concerning I’m seeing out there and hopefully save some pain and discomfort for you, or maybe a business owner that you love or care about

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The Our Shawn: Here’s what I’m seeing with a lot of businesses is a lot of people are trying to get to reopening to go back to the way business was. And there’s some consensus out there.

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The Our Shawn: That you know some point business will reopen and we’ll be back to what we used to be.

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The Our Shawn: And I don’t know if that’s reality. I think there’s going to be segments of the market, different people are going to do different things.

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The Our Shawn: But to think that we can go from where we are now to this heightened awareness of health to all this new habit change. Right. A lot of people have been spending a lot of time.

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The Our Shawn: In Habit Change over the last six weeks or so to spring back to where we were at anytime in the near future I think is unrealistic.

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The Our Shawn: And many businesses are setting themselves up for a round of difficulty.

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The Our Shawn: I did an interview, a while ago with Lori Silverman here on the future done right channel you can Google that. Make sure you subscribe to the future done right channel. And once you are

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The Our Shawn: subscribed to the future done right channel on YouTube, you can go back and search the video I did with Lori so Vernon.

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The Our Shawn: And we talked about the fact that you need to do strategic thinking about what the future looks like. And that is so critical because

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The Our Shawn: We need to be thinking about what the future is and where our businesses need to be, not where we’ve been in the past.

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The Our Shawn: Not what we’re going to go back to, we’re going to something different. And I’m concerned that a lot of businesses are setting themselves up for a second round of pain.

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The Our Shawn: Because it’s been painful to go through this process for almost everybody right with limited exceptions businesses are hurting

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The Our Shawn: We do have those outliers, who have actually increased their business and boom. Because of this, but the vast majority of businesses are moving backwards because the cove at 19 and the shutdown.

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The Our Shawn: And so many businesses are going to fight and struggle to try to get back to where they are and then they’re gonna find out where they were is not where the future is. It’s not where the marketplaces. So why not streamline that, why not spend the time now.

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The Our Shawn: To figure out what the future of the business is and then tune yourself into

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The Our Shawn: That future and do this in one step, rather than two. I think many businesses are going to do this in two steps are going to go back to where they were.

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The Our Shawn: then figure out that doesn’t work and and have to go somewhere else. The smart businesses will go directly there they’ll save a lot of time, money, resources, pain and agony.

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The Our Shawn: By going for where they are now to where they need to be the future.

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The Our Shawn: They’re going to figure out how to contain their costs or fear. How to revise their business plans are going to figure out new ways to go forward. And that’s something

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The Our Shawn: I’m very interested in working with people on is how do we get to where we need to be for the future, not how do we get back to where we were and then reassess and then figure out where we need to go. The best way to do this as a direct

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The Our Shawn: Line. So if you’re out there listening to save yourself some pain. Don’t try to go back to where you were.

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The Our Shawn: Go to where you need to be. And that may be scary for you. We’re going to be bringing the pieces on the future done right channel here on YouTube, tune in.

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The Our Shawn: Reach out to me drop your comments. I do read the comments course don’t put anything confidential in there.

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The Our Shawn: And let’s see if we can have a conversation about where we are now, where you need to be

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The Our Shawn: On how do we bridge that gap. So it’s the time to do the strategic thinking about what you want your business to look like it’s the time to do the adjustments to go the places where you need to go.

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The Our Shawn: It’s not the time to try to go back to the past, right. Don’t revisit where you were, figure out where you need to be

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The Our Shawn: And zoom your way there. So now’s the time for strategic thinking re envisioning and building a plan to get to where you think the markets going to be

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The Our Shawn: In the future, rather than go back to where the market was that’s going to be a huge mistake that’s going to cost. Some people their businesses because they won’t have enough

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The Our Shawn: resources and time to go to where they were in the past, then to the future. So if you’re smart, you’re going to go to where the future is where you anticipate the future is going to be

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The Our Shawn: Again worry. So when the did a great interview with us here on the future done right channel, make sure you check that out, subscribe to the channel and check that out.

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The Our Shawn: But then also look at how you want to zoom to the future. Alright folks, your friend or Sean, make sure you subscribe to our channel, give yourself a pat on the back for doing the hard work and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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