Picture of fanstasy land. Image by Donna Kirby from Pixabay

Image by Donna Kirby from Pixabay

There I was comfortable in my bed. And yet in my mind I was walking through very large and very upscale properties in New York City.

Properties that my $20 a month in Medium earning could never buy. (Don’t cry too hard – I make my living outside of Medium).

And there she was. A woman that has been in and out of my life for many decades. We aren’t even that close. But every once in a while in a while she shows up in my dreams and reminds me of something.

As I awoke from this dream of an amazing and wonderful experience I can’t help but ask myself: “why did that happen?”

And as someone that encourages others to dream (daydream) in business I just know there has to be lessons.

Here’s my theory on why we dream.

Official Answers

Doctors fail to have official answers on why we dream. But they seem to think the dreaming process is tied to memories, problem solving and emotional processing.

There is no doubt something is going on with our memories while we dream. I often solve problems during the night or wake up with answers.

But I think for us – as business owners and leaders – the benefits go beyond what is official.

What Dreams Do Do For Us

Having seen thousands of business plans and worked with countless business owners on their plans I can tell you dreams do big things in business.

Dreams – whether they are daydreams (the type I normally encourage) or the nighttime type that you decide to make real – can give us tremendous direction and focus. The right dreams tell you where to go.

And not only do dreams provide focus and direction they can also provide motivation.

Touching that dream in the nighttime can give the the energy to focus and commit to it in the daytime.

Leveraging Your Dreams

The key, of course, is to leverage your dreams.

Having a dream is well and good. It might even be fun.

But using your dreams is where it is at. You need to turn your dreams into something usable.

So understand those dreams, process them and figure out where you want to focus you attention.

When I do Time Magicment(™) training with Shannon J. Gregg we always start our clients with a focus on their dreams.

Whatever you are doing in business should be focused on getting you to your dreams. If it’s not pointing you there it’s wasted energy!

What To Do Now

My next steps for this one are easy: dream.

Take the time to daydream. Let your nighttime dreams provide you inspiration.

Think about what your life would look like with your dreams. Try them on.

Then focus your business plans and energy on accomplishing those dreams.

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