In an earlier blog we talked about how how much Americans work.  And I talked about the length of US meetings in this YouTube video.

In America productivity is very important – Americans want to squeeze as much out of each unit of time as they can.

What that means for all of us is we need to be effective. Highly effective.

When competing in the US marketplace you are going to be expected to show you can get things done in less time and at a lower cost.

And loyalty isn’t what it used to be

In some countries and parts of the world loyalty is more important than efficiency. That’s not normally the case in the US. In the US you are going to have to keep bringing the value.

And it’s really nothing personal. The US is so productive that most organizations can’t afford to “carry” someone who isn’t at the highest level of efficiency.

The news isn’t all bad

While this news may be disappointing for some it does create opportunity. If you tune into the need for efficiency and your customer’s needs you’ll become more effective and efficient and compete better.

Also if you get efficient you can unseat others. In the US it’s not uncommon to have the market leaders getting a large amount of sales while others struggle to get by.

So look at the positive and get to efficiency.

If you can embrace this – and get good at it – amazing profits may result.

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