Do Business Differently(TM):

What does it mean?

What is it all about?


The Our Shawn

(R. Shawn McBride)



You don’t need to wear unique clothes to Do Business Differently(TM).

But you do need to find out what is unique about you – and your business – and use that to your commercial advantage. We call that advantage your “captured power” in our work at McBride For Business.

Your journey is unique and so will be your way to Do Business Differently(TM).

And it can be a big part of your business success.  Just check out the Do Business Effectively(TM) Pyramid on this page to see how we use it as part of our career training for our clients.

Do Business Differently(TM) is more than a phrase to us at McBride For Business, LLC.


It’s the heart of who we are.

We believe that every individual is unique and different – in life and in business.

And it would be a loss to not express that.

While you will often see me in unusual suits (like the one you see on this page celebrating our Doing Business in the US Course) the Do Business Differently(TM) movement is not about the unusual clothing. 

It’s about using your uniqueness in business.






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