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Facebook: Fake Users, Flexible Fines. Fair Player In The Economy?  What is the future?

What’s real about Facebook, it’s business model and the future?  It’s something I ask myself again and again and again. As of the time of writing their stock prices are near record highs. Investors don’t seem to be concerned. But they should be. And only a handful in...

Who is Controlling Who? Are The Algorithms The Boss?:  After we Didn’t Want To Be a Slave to Jobs

“If you put your link in the comments, rather than in the body, of the Facebook post you’ll get more viewers. The algorithm prefers it.” “The algorithm likes when you post regularly.” Any of us that have been attempting to build a business or market through social...

Bureaucrats Are Shaping Our Future: The Surprising Power of Non-Elected Officials

What you need to know Did you hear that Facebook may be paying somewhere between $3 and $5 billion dollars to the Federal Trade Commission for privacy related violations? That’s a lot of money. But how does one determine amount? Especially when it’s a range. Three to...

Risk: You Can’t Eliminate It:  What to do instead

As a lawyer I guess I hear it more than most. People want to eliminate risk. How can we do this, or that, with little to no risk? And you know the truth? No matter how hard we try we can’t get rid of all risk. Planes crash. Cars wreck.  People get sick. These things...

Looking for Commonality: A Future of Business: Why This Will Be So Important

I think we’ve all had the experience. We call into the credit card company, the cable company or other vendor and we end up endless cold menus. And none of the menus lead us anywhere meaningful. The cold logic of the computer system - and whoever set-up the computer...

Men Afraid to Mentor Women: And Other Not Surprising Findings From #MeToo: We really need to have a conversation

“60% of managers who are men are uncomfortable participating in a common work activity with a woman, such as mentoring, working alone, or socializing together. That’s a 32% jump from a year ago.” That’s just one of the findings from a recently released survey...

Blockchain: Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About It and Why It Matters

You may have heard the word around: “Blockchain.” Often mistaken for cryptocurrency, blockchain is different (we’ll unwind the difference in a minute). Many think its some type of hype. The majority of people seem to think that because there is so much hype it must be...

Communicating Better With Your Prospects and Clients To Build Your Business

As we move more and more to an era where human emotion rules the day and computers take care of more of the day-to-day activities it becomes critical that we have better communication with our prospects and clients. They are simply going to expect it from us. The...

The Era of Free Information: What’s Left To Sell: This might inspire you

We are in the era of free information. Want to tune up your car, there’s an article on that. Want to paint your house, there’s an article on that. Want to build a rocket? Guess what, there’s an article on that. It seems anything you want to do can be learned, on the...

Personality Styles Are Central To The Future of Business

I wasn’t always a believer. As I’ve been in the professional world for the last two decades I would have occasional run-ins with personality styles: DISC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Koble, etc. I would listen for a bit and zone out. But I will tell you what: I am now a...

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