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Coronavirus: Shifts For Your Business Success: New considerations

Here at Future Done Right(™) we’ve doubled down on Coronavirus coverage and articles. Why so much thought on this? Because it is my belief there is no one single thing right now that will have as much impact on the future of business. Make no doubt the business world...

Coronavirus Recession: Is It Coming?: What to do now

Coronavirus is hitting news headlines. And I know as a business owner that things are changing due to the virus. The stock market is down. Travel spending is way down. People are changing. And one of my key pieces of business - speaking - is changing too. Live events...

Coronavirus Question: Will Your Risk The Lives Of Others For Money: The real ethical questions coming to light

Coronavirus is scary. And it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. And in the events industry the discussions are getting really interesting. Given that COVID-19 seems to have a high rate of transmission at what point do you cancel events? Or change their scale? Or...

Coronavirus Fact and Fiction: Understanding what we’ve been told – and some business planning

If you are like me you are probably wondering what’s going on with all this Coronavirus stuff. It’s impacting business, and life, and we don’t seem to be able to get straight answers. In fact, a lot of the information seems to conflict. I’ve begun collecting some...

Finding You Time: Here’s how so you can grow your business

If you truly are going to grow your business you are going to need more YOU time. You are going to have to determine how to step away from the day-to-day so that you can be more strategic - and creative - about your business. Most business owners and leaders I work...

My Theory On Why We Dream: And what it can mean to life and business

There I was comfortable in my bed. And yet in my mind I was walking through very large and very upscale properties in New York City. Properties that my $20 a month in Medium earning could never buy. (Don’t cry too hard - I make my living outside of Medium). And there...

Getting Support To Change: It’s easier and harder than it sounds

If you think change is hard for you, think about those around you. Some will say that your friends, family, employees and supporters love you for who you are. And this is often true. And in an ironic twist the fact that they like you for who you are often means they...

Most Adults In America Make The Biggest Decision Of Their Lives Without The Right Guidance: And it’s costing America bigtime!

Every year adults in America make big financial decisions. But one of them is unique in that it is often the biggest financial decision of their life -- and it’s usually done early in adulthood and under very bad guidance. Yes, going to college is a huge decision,...

How To Keep Your Business Accountable When You Aren’t There: Some ideas on protective systems

One tricky aspect of growing our businesses is that at some point we can’t be there as much as we like. Whether you are a business owner or leader, if you desire to be away from your business you need systems to keep it running while you aren’t there. You might want...

Your Priorities Will Shift: The realities of a rapidly growing business

One of the hardest issues of being a business owner is dealing with quantum change. We, as business owners and leaders, are often fighting for a goal. We want, or need, to get to a certain milestone in business. It can take days, weeks, months or even years to get to...

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