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One Month Of Uninterrupted Writing: What its done for me

  This article is being published on January 24, 2020. Since Christmas Eve, 2019, I’ve published an article every single day on Medium.com, LinkedIn and my blog. It’s been a huge experiment and I’ve learned a lot. Here’s what I’ve learned that I think will help, and...

If You Treat Your Readers Like Goldfish, Then….: Beyond the headlines there’s still room for substance

“You’ve to have great headlines.” "People only pay attention for 8 seconds.” “If your reader doesn’t get caught up right away you’ll lose them.” These are the types of things you’ll read about modern adults. And most of them all trace back to one misquoted study. I am...

Limiting Access To The Top: An efficient way to lose customer feedback

It happened again today. One of the vendors I buy from messed up my billing, again. But something else happened today too. Not only did they mess up my billing but they got a bad attitude about it. They didn’t charge me like that should have - then wanted to charge me...

MacroCommunication For Success in Business: An under celebrated key to business

I don’t think we focus enough on communication in business. Not the micro version of communication. There’s a lot of attention on that. In fact one conference I was planning with told me they were overwhelmed with “communication” speakers. And, yes, despite the...

Getting Better At Negotiations In 7 Simple Steps: Try this the next time

Negotiations are hard. Both sides usually have opposing positions and at some point negotiations become tiring. One of the best things you can do in a negotiation is to have a strategy to get to the outcome you desire. In fact, having a good strategy in negotiations...

Why Are We Talking?: Not to be rude, but…

There is one question that pops into my mind more and more as my business grows and I get more settled in life: “why are we talking?” At first glance it seems very rude. To question the worthiness of every piece of discussion and interaction. But this very simple...

Seeding Your Culture – At The Office And Home: Little things you can do to make a big impact

  It is perhaps the most important thing in the long-term growth of your business: culture. And culture is the result of strong, intentional efforts. But culture can come from small things too. I was recently listening to a radio program and the host suggested...

When We Don’t Trust Google: At some point there’s more than the Oracle

  I recently got into a discussion online about the limits of Google. And while Google has done an amazing job indexing information - so good that most people rarely use their competitor - it does have limits. So I wanted to take a few minutes so we could think...

IF You’ve Earned Expertise Do This: And don’t if you haven’t

Not every business strategy is for everyone. But if you are expert - truly and expert at something - I suggest you start mixing speaking and training into your business. This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this. And there is a good reason why. Speaking...

The Pluses and Minuses of Franchise: And how to look out for yourself

The tale of franchises reminds me of the opening of a famous book: they can be the best of businesses and they can be the worst of businesses. If you, as a business leader, are thinking of getting into owning a franchise this article is for you. If you are a business...

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