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You Don’t Have To Know It All: Really — It’s OK not to know it all. Read on!

As I work with business owners - particularly those that are newer on the journey from Entrepreneur to CEO - I find that a lot of them are stressed. In fact many of them are stressed for a very similar reason. They feel they have to run it all or know it all. You...

Raising Money For Business: How To Be Different The Right Way

Raising money for your business (or in my case my clients’ businesses) can be a tricky time. It’s particularly hard for the company raising money (what the United States SEC often calls “the issuer”). For an issuer you want to be different enough to stand out from all...

Avoiding Family Fights in Business

One of the saddest times in my legal practice is when a family shows up to fight over a business. Or when a business contacts me and it’s too late; they are already waste-deep in a family business battle. In so many cases the family fight has destroyed what is left....

Have You Reset Your Brand?: It might be time

When I think about businesses and branding businesses usually fit into one of two categories: (1) those that have recently updated their brand, and (2) those that need to do so. While that might seem to be overly simplistic to some it is the reality of today. If your...

Are You My People?: A question we need to ask more

Many of us are familiar with the book “Are You My Mother?” In the story the baby bird jumps from it’s nest and starts asking a variety of animals if they were his mother. The baby bird keeps trying and trying. And so goes it for many businesses. They keep asking “are...

Do Your Dreams Match The Future of Business?

I see a growing problem in the business world today. And although the problem affects businesses of all types and sizes this problem particularly rests with small businesses. We, as small business owners or even employees, are often encouraged to follow our dreams....

Taking A Stand In Business: Why what scares us might be so important

Business is scary. Many of us have watched some of the biggest and most prominent brands reduced to a mere fraction of their size in our lifetimes: Blockbuster, Kodak and Sears. And every time we take a stand or position it seems that we risk losing or alientating a...

Branding In Business What Is The Future?

Everyone has a brand whether they like it or not. I am working on a project with branding expert Floortje Lopes and she is always reminding her clients and audiences that “a logo and a website isn’t a brand.” A brand is bigger. It’s about who we are. It’s about an...

Raising Money Without Getting In Legal Hot Water Some fundamentals of capital raising

As a lawyer that helps a lot of companies raise money I see a lot of stuff. In fact I see many of the same issues over and over again. I thought I would take some time and write down the basics of raising money for you the business owner or leader who might be getting...

Avoiding “I Hate My Business Partner”: How To Avoid Common Issues In Business Partnerships

Today it’ll happen again. Today I’ll spend more time sorting out a business partnership dispute. It’s something I do almost every day at my law firm. Today a client will owe me more money so they can sort out what they once thought was a happy business marriage. I’d...

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