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Growing Your Business Without Going Bankrupt: What they don’t teach you

        If you’ve been in business for any time you’ve gotten the call or seen the ad online:         “Our attendees are having amazing results! After working through our workshop [Insert your favorite name: Jenny] saw her sales go up by [Insert multiple: 10X seems to...

Building Momentum On Medium: Early Lessons: Lessons for all of us

When I first started getting serious about writing on Medium.com I hoped to be the next Benjamin Hardy. I mean I have good content. I know what I am talking about. Darn, when people hear me speak or hire me to consult they often love my work. So, yeah, going viral on...

Could You Lose Your Business In An Instant? It’s probably more likely than you think

It’s not a new problem. But I think it’s a growing problem: managing the risk in your business especially in regards to concentration of customers. As technology has shifted and the gig economy has taken hold many of the big players are making money by providing...

The Narcissist and Future Faking: What Is It? How knowing about it makes you more effective in life

“We are going to go on a road trip through New Mexico because I want to see the mountains and the desert together. We’ll have an amazing time and laugh and joke.” “And then we’ll go back home and work hard on that business we are going to build together. I am excited...

Planning For What’s Next: Partial Exit of the Business: What does it look like when we slow down on business

At some point you’ll want to slow down in your business. The 90 hour weeks that many business owners face just gets old. Or maybe you are past all that and you want to do things in life other than run your business. Gasp! What does it look like when you move past...

Growing Your Company?:  Don’t Forget to Build Bigger Checks and Balances: A critical step

If you survey most business owners want to grow their companies. When I speak and ask this question most everyone in the room raises their hand. And the reasons why make sense. If you get bigger, generally speaking, there is the chance to have higher revenues, achieve...

Building the Independent and Salable Business: Why most owners should be building for

All of us will exit our business at some point. The day will come when we sell it and move on or life or health will force us to exit. We have many options between today and that day. But when that day comes, regardless of which option you take, you are going to want...

Top Reads For Future Of Business:  May 28th Edition — See top articles on the Future of Business

What do you need to know that is shaping or impacting the future of business? I’ve started collecting and publishing the top articles that I encounter that touch on future of business. Check them out, enjoy, and comment below with your thoughts on the articles and...

Lighten Up A Little: None Of Our Lives Are Perfect:  Even for perfect people

I am going to tell you a secret. No one’s life is perfect. Not even the most perfect people. They don’t have perfect lives. How do I know? Well I am not much of a celebrity watcher. But I still see the headlines. Bad things happen to them. They do stupid things. They...

Deglobalization is Coming and Here’s Why: What we need to be watching

Technology and globalization. The two go hand-in-hand, right? Do a quick search on the internet and you’ll find a lot of articles, like this one, suggesting that technology brings the world together. But not so fast!  Let’s take a look at what is actually happening....

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