Fear of the Future

People seem to always fear the future.

Now more people see to fear the future yet again.

Is there a real basis for the fear?

What should we do be doing?

Join The Our Shawn McBride ⭐️ 🌟💥 (aka R. Shawn McBride)nd Dali Kranzthor, CPA, CVA, CFE for the Financial Transactions of the Future Economy(TM) Show as we explore what we are seeing and what we need for the future.

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Hey everyone to see our show and welcome to another edition of the financial transactions or the future economy. Welcome, everybody.



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We’re gonna be talking about the future of marketing particularly social media marketing Emily page is joining us from Colorado.



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And so she deals with building people’s social media campaigns and also is looking to the evolution of the business, which is where we’re going to bring you guys and



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Give you some ideas of what’s happening and what’s going to develop in this particular space those, you don’t know us as well on the are Sean



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I’m a corporate lawyer by training I do transactional ownership control the business that’s partnership agreements mergers capital raise contract negotiations.



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Anything in that area. I also do a lot of business strategy consulting. I’m a CPA BY license and my co host dolly Kranz store is also a CPA.



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He has additional certifications acts as a CFO and a certified is evaluation analyst and as a fraud examiner Emily is a social media guru. We’re going to call you, or give you the guru tag.



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Your title. Wow.



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He certainly does. He does this stuff better than better than most she understands it really well. So don’t let her youthful



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Appearance full year. She’s been in



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For a while, and she gets it. So I’ll see what to do and where social media is now where we’re heading to and what you need to be thinking about for the future.



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As always drop us some comments Dolly, and I are reading those comments. Where do you drop them, whether they’re under Dr. Sean Daly craft store. Emily page will be reading those



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And we are we have our ongoing comment contest to the best comment of the week. We read it and we invite people on to the show from the comments were looking for great comments.



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As always we remind people, no investment advice, no legal advice on the show. Everything here is just for your education speak to your own consultants and advisors for you rely on anything we say here, so welcome and



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Thanks. Thanks for having me, guys.



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Course. Our pleasure. Glad you could join us for the show. So what we’re seeing right now with social media. What’s going on out there.



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Well, obviously it’s super competitive right now everything with Black Friday Cyber Monday we just got off that big kick. So you’re seeing a huge push for any business, small, medium, large business.



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Unfortunately, with the algorithm. Right now it’s kind of changed over the past couple days because about big push. So the way Facebook’s algorithm works is, the more information. It has



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The kind of it switches, a little bit. So we just had a huge ad spend go through with all these corporations that literally dumped millions of dollars into the advertising and Facebook just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



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So people, you wouldn’t normally see advertising on Facebook bigger name brands like Coca Cola or JC Penney or just huge brands really want to put their name out there just for these events because they want to actually push the marketing.



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Right. So I guess I’m changes the marketplace for everybody because it changes the bidding and changes the, the availability of of ads and successful spent



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Exactly supply and demand. So basically supply goes down demand goes up and it raises the cost of advertising and the ability to deliver these ads.



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So with smaller businesses, it’s a lot more difficult for people who aren’t experienced in advertising and add by to know how to target that right demographic and work around these issues.



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Right and dolly has pointed out before on the show that some tremendous amount of spend advertising dollars go into Facebook and Google. I don’t have the statistics in front of me but



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20 20% of worldwide global ad spend Google, Facebook alone. Amazing. It’s never happened. Never in history. I mean, we’re talking the whole world.



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Yeah, and it’s insane. I mean, but people spend more time on their phone now.



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Instead of in front of a TV because they’re using their phone for TV. They’re using it to check on Facebook. They constantly habit. If you’re doing some print advertising.



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Are you likely to carry a newspaper around with theory likely to carry your phone around with you so you’re able to target the consumer geo tagged them, which is very, very specific



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To get more of a niche market in front of you so that way you’re not wasting that dollars. You can literally use a Facebook pixel



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To target a very, very, very specific demographic look at their buying behaviors and not waste a lot of extra money from people that wouldn’t even be interested in your product in the first place. Yeah.



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Another statistic for the audience. Last year, Black Friday sales 29.5% were made on the phone smartphone. This year it’s up over 10% to 33% so that’s a massive movement right now. Amazon is dominating 49 to 50% of that total space with the next player about 6%



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Yeah, Amazon is really done a lot of ad binding know what they’re doing when it comes to advertising.



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So that’s definitely something we look for and kind of see what they’re doing and see how they’re playing with Facebook. Unfortunately, when Amazon comes in and buys a big huge ad spend, it’s hard to compete so



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It was talking to, you know, our silos show about the concentration, a handful of big companies. Right. And we’ve all almost all the big company names come up here, right, Facebook, Amazon, Google



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These are the players that are really driving the overall market. Well, what do you see coming longer term, Emily. I mean, as we as we delve into this more



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Well, I see that for small to medium sized business using your story is going to be more valuable because people will feel like there’s a connection.



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Millennials love hearing a story actually did a case study on how to hire market to and manage millennials. And one of the things Millennials are very passionate about, which is the biggest segment in marketing right now to market to and the biggest



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buying power is the story, knowing who you’re buying from knowing that they have good values, knowing that you have connection with them, knowing that you’re making a difference.



00:06:12.570 –> 00:06:22.110

Because I vote with my money to give somebody money to like a smaller business. I feel better about myself because I’m not worried about a big conglomerate so



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Smaller brands need to be able to tell their story say why they’re different, so that this is handmade or I’m using recycled leather versus I’m going to the store and buying it, or I am hand crafting or I will, you know, do something special.



00:06:40.290 –> 00:06:41.640

A lot of people also love



00:06:41.640 –> 00:06:48.510

Tying things to charity. So finding a charity that you’re connected with really help leverage your demographic



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Yeah, there’s, there’s not a lot of personalization when we deal with the Amazons of the world. Right. I mean, at one point, Amazon was the upstart they were exciting because they were coming in and breaking these up now. They’re the big business right there. The big player.



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So they kind of lost that now they become so good at operational efficiency that people are still giving them a lot of ads, but



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Humans are connected by story right we’ve heard this for thousands of years. And I think it’s becoming more and more prevalent as things become more and more systematized people that they, they don’t respond as well to that.



00:07:20.400 –> 00:07:24.300

Yeah, so I see a trend going from big business to



00:07:25.440 –> 00:07:31.530

Dory, the real the raw the relevant and feeling that connection right



00:07:32.370 –> 00:07:39.540

Yeah, Emily, what is the is there. Good. The best medium or a medium, you would recommend over other mediums to really get that story out there.



00:07:39.540 –> 00:07:53.550

And to play. So great question video. Video is everything. And there’s a way to use video and then turn it into blog posts and then turn the blog posts into many social media posts.



00:07:53.940 –> 00:08:01.890

So it seems like it takes a lot of time, but you’re getting so much great content from video and Facebook delivers video better



00:08:03.270 –> 00:08:12.870

The algorithm, nice to do more. So, that time you take, you’re going to get better results. We see better results with video ads like something like 10 times more deliverable and you are able to



00:08:13.500 –> 00:08:20.910

Optimize for impressions on videos and video view. So people able to interact with your brand, you’re able to target them off of that data that you’re tracking



00:08:21.480 –> 00:08:24.030

And then you’re able to know who’s actually watching your video.



00:08:24.660 –> 00:08:32.760

So you can kind of see where the drop off is what might not be working, what is working and the Sharon like ratio also helps with that.



00:08:33.150 –> 00:08:43.530

So video is really a great way to tell the story and then also Facebook lives. I mean, it’s another form of video but being able to have that time to be able to have people ask questions and



00:08:44.580 –> 00:08:57.120

Feel like you’re a real person, because then you’re not the mask behind you know your your company’s a mask and you’re behind it. And so people feel like they get to know the real you and want to support you. They feel like they actually have some kind of connection.



00:08:58.260 –> 00:08:58.620




00:08:59.040 –> 00:09:08.940

We talked about a lot about authenticity and so would you say to that you can use just quick videos. You don’t have to go through this big production process. You can just get out there and get more



00:09:09.780 –> 00:09:10.710

Real, the better.



00:09:10.770 –> 00:09:17.790

You don’t have to have professional equipment take from being on your phone, you know, you can go, there’s this app that we use called quick it’s by GoPro



00:09:18.450 –> 00:09:25.620

And literally take a couple clips, you can take pictures you can take video clips you pick as much as you want and then you say put this together.



00:09:25.860 –> 00:09:34.890

And it puts music behind it. There’s transitions everything and then you can choose a different filters and it’s free. So using quick it’s, I mean, quick right



00:09:38.550 –> 00:09:46.200

It’s fairly quick as quick as quick so that’s good. But, um, yeah. So I think that’s part of it right is connecting over a new medium.



00:09:46.800 –> 00:09:57.360

We’re seeing more and more global you know love future technology and I deal with is global base Blockchain is a global phenomenon. Cryptocurrency is by its very nature, global



00:09:58.020 –> 00:10:06.600

And because of global we can’t all transfer to see each other. Right. Well, it’s not like you’re gonna run down the street and see other people that are leading the movement.



00:10:06.630 –> 00:10:10.410

But I mean, I could try to run the Florida to see you guys. But that might take me a while.



00:10:12.180 –> 00:10:19.320

We’d appreciate it, come on by, it’s, it’s usually warm here is not one today, but it’s often warm here so



00:10:21.480 –> 00:10:36.900

That’s one of our calling cards. But, uh, but yeah, I mean, so you can’t do the same scale of stuff in person that you can do by video but video still allows you to see the expressions, get the connection understand reaction things you just don’t get by audio or written



00:10:37.530 –> 00:10:46.680

Exactly. But don’t forget about the in person connection either and you’re able to leverage that and record it and you know if you are a consultant



00:10:46.920 –> 00:10:54.780

Video growing out to your local community and showing you interacting with people, you know, go to the networking events and take some videos.



00:10:55.110 –> 00:11:00.570

Show that you’re a real person that is around other real people, because it’s social proof. Right.



00:11:01.410 –> 00:11:09.090

So you need that social proof that can just be sitting in front of a camera all day, you know, Ty Lopez is one of the best marketers. I’ve seen in a while.



00:11:09.660 –> 00:11:19.800

That he goes out and he shows himself all over with all these different people gets people to interview them. And so he has that constant social proof. Yeah.



00:11:20.700 –> 00:11:27.210

It is called is everywhere and then Gary Vee, it seems like Gary Vee I think settings. I have a camera crew follow them around, right.



00:11:27.330 –> 00:11:29.310

We call it a content carpet bomb.



00:11:32.460 –> 00:11:39.540

We only do three shows a day. So we’re way behind. You know, we only we only we only produce one hour and a half or so content each day.



00:11:39.930 –> 00:11:46.080

But like mixing up the content, you know, don’t just do the same type of content over and over again, either. So go from



00:11:46.350 –> 00:11:55.560

You know Facebook Live to Instagram stories to, you know, I’m going to go in our course and video and put it on my Twitter feed or, you know,



00:11:55.920 –> 00:12:03.060

Create it in different mediums, make it to where each channel has its own look and feel, because then people have a reason to follow you on multiple channels as well.



00:12:03.720 –> 00:12:04.500

Yeah. God is



00:12:04.620 –> 00:12:05.700

A Snapchat relevant



00:12:05.760 –> 00:12:07.560

errors that don’t even bother.



00:12:07.980 –> 00:12:10.860

Snapchat is relevant for certain types of



00:12:12.210 –> 00:12:18.840

B2B, not really. It doesn’t make sense now B to C. Absolutely. Depending on your demographic



00:12:21.630 –> 00:12:23.970

Got it. That’s why I keep telling Sean he needs to be snapping more



00:12:24.270 –> 00:12:27.540

Yeah, so he told me so happy to be on Snapchat, half a day so that



00:12:28.200 –> 00:12:38.430

You’re wanting to get more personal. And you want people to feel like they can reach out to you like on a personal level. Absolutely. I keep my Snapchat private because I want one form of social media. I feel like I keep to myself.



00:12:41.220 –> 00:12:41.700




00:12:42.660 –> 00:12:47.580

I just have, I have a Snapchat account I rarely use it. I just haven’t really figured out how to



00:12:48.840 –> 00:12:50.310

Master a technology.



00:12:50.340 –> 00:12:55.590

Or you know how to do an Instagram story. You know how to do Snapchat. What do you, what do you tell people



00:12:55.590 –> 00:13:01.230

With multiple media’s. I mean, there are so many out there. So obviously the three leading was. And then there’s tons of others.



00:13:01.440 –> 00:13:03.840

Recycle and repurpose



00:13:04.890 –> 00:13:18.630

So use the same picture but add a different filter to it, add some fun stuff. And there’s some amazing apps to be able to create content. My background in graphic design. I’ve been doing it for Oh like 15 years now so



00:13:20.100 –> 00:13:27.300

I can give advice, but at the same time, it’s just so easy for me because it’s second nature, there’s amazing asked by Adobe



00:13:27.600 –> 00:13:38.970

That’s actually the best apps. I’ve seen is through Adobe be able to create content to edit things cut things out, move them around and then re upload. So you can use the same content, but



00:13:39.330 –> 00:13:48.240

blocking out a couple hours to make content is really key, because then you’re able to look at it and then be sure you’re tracking see what’s working, see what people like



00:13:48.630 –> 00:13:52.020

Look at your life to share ratio. Look at what’s getting the most common



00:13:52.770 –> 00:14:06.900

And figure out a way to get other people involved use questions because that is actually driving more interaction and then leverage those questions to create your Facebook lives your stories. Your everything. Let your constituency inform what you do. Yeah.



00:14:08.790 –> 00:14:14.850

So Adobe has like 20 or 30 apps in there to Adobe suite, what specific ones in there. Would you find the most useful.



00:14:15.330 –> 00:14:22.260

I love a doc Adobe spark. Oh, OK. That is one of my favorites of all time, you’re able to make things very quickly.



00:14:22.650 –> 00:14:34.710

As a graphic designer appreciate something that’s create simple beautiful content they actually have a system now as well that you’re able to upload your logo into and colors so you can get your Pantone Color specific



00:14:35.250 –> 00:14:43.350

And just say this is what I want and then it puts your logo and for you or you can take it out or you move it around and it has layers in it. Also, Adobe com



00:14:43.740 –> 00:14:52.200

Is really great because you’re able to cut things out and do some transparent background layer and I mean it’s amazing, but I’m an Adobe girl so



00:14:54.690 –> 00:14:54.900




00:14:57.330 –> 00:14:57.810




00:14:58.740 –> 00:15:07.740

Yeah, so we hear a lot about, you know, I guess, Facebook’s play with artificial intelligence Facebook certainly has used week or the



00:15:08.820 –> 00:15:10.230

3D stuff and



00:15:10.740 –> 00:15:11.670

We see



00:15:11.700 –> 00:15:14.970

Coming with that virtual reality augmented reality all those types of things.



00:15:15.390 –> 00:15:21.150

So in the next couple weeks to months depending on Facebook allows that you probably start seeing some 3D ads.



00:15:22.890 –> 00:15:29.970

We thought they were going to roll out a little bit sooner than they did and we have to kind of, we have a SME from Facebook because the



00:15:30.630 –> 00:15:39.090

Agency. I work with is big enough to manage enough marketing dollars to where we have a subject matter expert that we literally have an issue on Facebook. We can ask them, hey,



00:15:39.480 –> 00:15:43.380

What do you suggest about this because they kind of have the back end knowledge.



00:15:43.800 –> 00:15:51.990

But they don’t even know what the algorithm is going to do because yoga rhythms changing minute by minute, second by second so we can be like, oh, this work, they can’t tell us



00:15:52.410 –> 00:15:59.250

You know unfortunately people have an unrealistic expectation when it comes to us being able to predict the future, and Facebook.



00:15:59.580 –> 00:16:16.230

But, um, we’re able to see that 3D ads are going to become a real thing there’s these things called collection and that you’re seeing more and more of that are moving around, you’re going to see more video in that I’m more of like a collection of items and



00:16:17.790 –> 00:16:26.460

You’re going to see a little bit more of AI coming to interaction with when it comes to bots. So we’ve all seen the chat bots on the page, you go to a



00:16:27.030 –> 00:16:39.300

You know, public figure page or a profile for a company and you see this thing chat box pop up and it has a list of questions you can ask it, so I’m



00:16:40.830 –> 00:16:47.220

I’m actually working with a partner of mine on creating a chat bot to mirror voice through API.



00:16:48.540 –> 00:17:03.120

So we’re actually working on creating a chatbot to me or my actual tonality voice, the way I use emojis and everything in order to plug it into my page so that way when people will message my page. They feel like they’re talking to me.



00:17:04.320 –> 00:17:06.000

Very nice. So



00:17:08.970 –> 00:17:20.040

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. So it’ll look through all of my history. I’ll have to upload a bunch of things into it, but that way. Like, you still have that brand persona. So you can develop a brand persona around it.



00:17:21.510 –> 00:17:33.690

That way when you have a bunch of different people across platforms, you’re not having issues over here. When somebody saying language. This way, and over here. So in a different way. So create for inconsistency. Yeah, so



00:17:33.720 –> 00:17:40.680

So you are really new stuff like they always say I. Oh, I wish I could duplicate this person and boom. This is a true duplication. So, and then



00:17:40.920 –> 00:17:55.710

I you know I see this kind of moving even further than the next iteration with augmented reality that you’d actually be able to see your then your avatar. So this avatar thing within kind of progress with the technology and grow maybe over the next 10 years and get better and better.



00:17:56.340 –> 00:18:06.300

I don’t think it’ll even be 10 years I think it’ll probably be three to five just the rate of technology growing and moving and what you can do now on the iPhone with emojis.



00:18:08.010 –> 00:18:09.390

So so so quick, quick.



00:18:10.440 –> 00:18:16.770

Quick question for you. What do you think’s in these privacy documents that the UK gut for Facebook where you think Facebook’s been doing with our privacy information.



00:18:27.390 –> 00:18:32.700

Here, it’s okay. You don’t have to answer that. I think we’re all waiting with bated breath to see what the UK.



00:18:32.700 –> 00:18:39.690

Right, I have a feeling that in the documents, there’s a little bit more information than people, they should have on people. Yeah.



00:18:40.650 –> 00:18:46.440

What we can do with the Facebook pixel. I was shocked when I learned yeah then sales.



00:18:46.980 –> 00:18:51.270

And marketing for years and I was very shocked about what Facebook pixels can do



00:18:51.750 –> 00:19:00.270

Right, that’s a fairly have some internal memos dealing with privacy, which was really quite interesting. And I imagine some of that will be gathers to UK does our investigations.



00:19:00.630 –> 00:19:09.720

And any small business running ads that does not have a Facebook pixel, please, please, please get one because that’s one of the most important things. It’s the way you can track data.



00:19:10.200 –> 00:19:20.340

To you’re creating data points. And so you need a Facebook pixel. That’s one of the things that when our customers don’t have one or clients don’t have any it’s really hard for us to backtrack data.



00:19:21.840 –> 00:19:31.980

So you really need one to be able to create that data. So we can see who’s visiting your page. And how long they’re saying on your page. And we can target them from that and keep



00:19:33.090 –> 00:19:37.440

Very good. Very helpful advice here, folks. Our goal is to wake people up.



00:19:37.830 –> 00:19:44.820

So hopefully you’re learning a little more about what the future of social media is we ask people, like, comment and share that helps people see this



00:19:45.240 –> 00:19:49.470

Just the word out there. Don’t forget, we have our comic contest going on.



00:19:50.040 –> 00:19:58.440

Yeah, Dolly, and I are looking for a handful of people to work with us motivated individuals that really want to get into the future of business.



00:19:58.710 –> 00:20:11.460

Future of finance. So if that sounds like you or somebody, you know, let us know. We have some opportunities available, you can check that out at planning done right comm slash interns, Emily. How to folks get ahold of you.



00:20:12.300 –> 00:20:25.170

Well, you can actually check out my Facebook page. I’m actually working on my new brand that is mysterious adventure. So about finding the adventure in everyday life. Your fashion food business and travel



00:20:26.430 –> 00:20:26.910




00:20:27.210 –> 00:20:34.200

So comm slash mysterious adventure or mysterious adventure.com sounds



00:20:34.260 –> 00:20:41.790

interesting and helpful so folks go check it out. She really does know this stuff you can watch what she’s doing and love from a master.



00:20:42.300 –> 00:20:46.890

Or if you just want to see my cool Colorado stuffed peppers videos and photos on there.



00:20:47.430 –> 00:20:56.280

You have some cool pictures value will be checking that out as a as we look to, we look to possibly doing some stuff out in the West, this summer.



00:20:57.510 –> 00:21:11.520

Details coming for audience, but we’re looking at doing some retreats in events, not too far from Colorado this summer. So you can find me at the are Sean our show. McBride, LinkedIn, Twitter McBride for business YouTube dolly craft store. You’ll find them on.



00:21:11.880 –> 00:21:22.320

LinkedIn and Twitter reminder we do not do investment advice for do not do legal advice on the show, consult your own advisors. Everything here is just for education, Dolly quote for us.



00:21:23.010 –> 00:21:28.380

Sean I do is to actually both Seth Godin because we’re doing marketing today and social media.



00:21:28.800 –> 00:21:36.090

He’s coming out with a new book I here on instead of wondering when your next vacation is maybe you should set up a life. You don’t need to escape from



00:21:36.720 –> 00:21:44.940

The second one is the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing. So get out there, get yourself out there and do some big things guys



00:21:45.600 –> 00:21:50.520

I love that quote. Well, the second quarter. I think that’s absolutely great for getting people to take some action.



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Folks, we congratulate you on doing the hard work for investing in yourself for paying attention to the big issues that are out there, we’re glad that you’re part of the future economy.



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Thanks for being part of our community pat yourself on the back. I want to remind you, you can see past videos and you’re done right calm.



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And you can also see our upcoming guests. You can scroll through the air. See upcoming topics and guests. You can click the link to get notification of the events coming up.



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And you can join our email list also at future done right calm get updates on past guests and big things coming and what we’re seeing before we bring it out to the world. So, everyone. Thanks for joining us. A lot of fun, Emily. Thank you for being here.



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You guys. Thanks Emily get welcome to broke, folks. We’ll see you soon 7am 10am 2PM Eastern every day.



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