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Expert Roundup: Cryptocurrency & Peer to Peer Bitcoin Trading in Africa


Shawn discusses insights on what the adoption of cryptocurrency can mean to Africa. Check out the article here.



Shawn McBride of McBride for Business Featured in Leadership Lessons Learned from the Road

Shawn McBride was recently featured in CarRentals’s guide to leadership lessons from the road. He taught us a valuable lesson on knowing when to go with the flow. During a road trip, there are times when being patient with your co-riders is the best response, this goes for teams in business as well. Sometimes team members want to do something different than your vision, and this takes patience. “The preciseness of a typical day is gone,” says Shawn McBride of McBride for Business, and “you learn to think differently.” Road trips teach us how to relinquish some control and take things as they come, like setting the cruise control and letting the scenery roll by. Check out the rest of the leadership lessons learned from the road here.

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