R. Shawn McBride Speaker Bureau*

Planning Done Right

Your Meeting Done Right

*R. Shawn McBride Speaker Bureau is an offering by McBride For Business, LLC

R. Shawn McBride

Do Business Differently(TM)


R. Shawn McBride is your Busienss Bartender(TM) that custom mixes solutions to your audience’s business planning and execution issues. Attorney and CPA by training Shawn WOWs his audiences with three things (1) his knowledge, (2) his support and ability to help them find their unique way in business, and (3) his bright attire that encourages listeners to Do Business Differently(TM).

Discuss your need and Shawn will craft a solution to help – just like that bartender on vacation that knows just what you need!

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Kedma Ough

The 5 Key Principles to Becoming a Superhero


Kedma Ough, MBA, is a nationally recognized business development and business funding expert, innovation and entrepreneurship thought leader, award-winning champion of small business, and business advisor for independent inventors. She is also a proud fifth generation entrepreneur, whose great-great grandfather peddled various products across Ireland.

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Holly Signorelli

The Mindset of Money


Holly is a CPA and Wealth Strategist with 7-8 Figure clients and an investment advisor representative of Cabana LLC.

Her speeches dive into changing your story with money to unlock financial success.


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